December 7, 2016

Blog Tour: Corporate Citizen

Book Title: Corporate Citizen
Author: Gabriel Valjan
Genres: Mystery, Thriller, Crime / Detective,
Series: Roma #5
Publisher: Winter Goose Publishing
Publish Date: 2016-10-05 (388 Pages, E-book)
Disclaimer: I received a copy of this book free to review the book that is on a book tour with +Laura Fabiani which is Book Five of this series. My options and honesty review are my own.
Description: A call for help from an old friend lands Bianca and the crew back in Boston. On a timeout with Dante, due to revelations in the aftermath of the showdown in Naples, Bianca is drawn to a mysterious new ally who understands the traumas of her past, and has some very real trauma of his own. Murder, designer drugs, and a hacker named Magician challenge our team, and Bianca learns that leaving Rendition behind might be much harder than she thinks.
We get brought back to Boston. Boston got two murders that bring Binca and gang with her all but Dante. What could be up with the US Military and now another mafia member named Peterson?

We meet up with Nick Adams and some named Magician. Who is he? Loki help Binca and gang and what do they want with a drug that named Barney? We run into the mastermind LB. Who does kill LB? How is Farese involved? What will ever happen to Farese? You will need to read to find out.

Gabriel Valjan bring you once again though intense investigation. What will happen to the group and Binca? Why all the murders and what does Farese want. There a mystery of men that seem to disappear along with one or two people, Nick help Alex and Erica. What the mystery with the pill and PTSD?
5 winners get a paperback copy of CC
5 winners get an ebook copy of CC
1 winner gets the whole set of Roma series in paperback (signed)
1 winner gets the whole set of Roma series in ebook format
12 winners total
Print copies open to USA and ebooks open international
Giveaway ends Dec 17

Gabriel Valjan lives in Boston, Massachusetts. He is the author of the Roma Series, available from Winter Goose Publishing. Gabriel has also written numerous short stories and essays found online and in print.

Connect with the author: Website ~Twitter ~ Facebook

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Interview around the Globe with Gabriel Valjan

Lauren Carr Interview
Let welcome to our latest and newest member to our list of authors. Let welcome Gabriel Valjan to Nighttime Reading Center. He here on a book tour. He is stopping by here on October 19, 2016 - December 7, 2016. I work with +Laura Fabiani iRead Book Tours and I happy learn about her book and giveaway.

I got the chance to read her books "The Murders at Astaire Castle". I enjoy both books. I would suggest that you read my review for "Corporate Citizen", "Turning to Stone", "Treading the Needle", "Wasp Nest", and "Roma Undergrond". You got a chance to win a  - Prizes: 12 winners will each get a Prize package that contains:

5 winners get a paperback copy of CC
5 winners get an ebook copy of CC
1 winner gets whole set of Roma series in paperback (signed)
1 winner gets whole set of Roma series in ebook format
12 winners total

Print copies open to USA and ebooks open international
Giveaway ends Dec 17Enter her giveaway Corporate Citizen Giveaway

Let read her Bio and then go to her interview. #Interviews, #Interviewsaroundtheglobe, #NRC, #Giveaways #bookreview,  #thriller, #suspense, #giveaway, #Romaseries, @GValjan and @NouveauWriter

Author Heather Siegel at Nighttime Reading Center
Gabriel Valjan lives in Boston, Massachusetts. He is the author of the Roma Series, available from Winter Goose Publishing. Gabriel has also written numerous short stories and essays found online and in print.

Connect with the author: Website ~Twitter ~ Facebook
Nighttime Reading Center Interview, Author Interview
1. Describe your book in 20 words or less.

Boston, ‘magical’, murder and mystery, a visit from an old enemy, two intrepid cats, and a new romance.

2. Where or how did you come up with the idea for your story?

All the books in the Roma Series have some basis in fact and Corporate Citizen is no exception. When I began tinkering with ideas around which I could turn the plot, I was reading about an outbreak of heroin use on the Cape here in Massachusetts and I stumbled upon a unique strain of heroin called desomorphine, a drug that has a dermatological side effect that gives it its street name: krokodil. As far as I know this drug has not appeared in the U.S., although there were rumors that it was in circulation in Illinois in 2013.
    In Corporate, a damaged veteran, who is both dangerous and compassionate, makes an appearance. Nick was modeled (loosely) on a deceased family member. When I was a kid, he wouldn’t talk explicitly about combat but he did mention that he and other selected infantry soldiers had been given large doses of Dexedrine, an amphetamine, and, on one occasion, LSD.

3. How important are names to you in your book(s)? Do you choose the names based on liking the way they sound or the meaning? Do you use any resources in assisting you to choose the names?

Alabaster Black and her alias were deliberate choices. She is a purist (think marble) and, at times, a dichotomous thinker. She was idealistic when she signed to work for Rendition, but broke ranks with them when she discovered what the organization did after she submitted her analyses. In the beginning, I don’t think she was bothered so much until she met Robert Strand and fully understood that Rendition’s objective was to maintain the U.S.’s ‘interest’, however that might be defined. Alabaster felt betrayed and understood that Rendition was ruthless, and yet it allows her to live. She took her chances and lives looking over her shoulder. Though she is prickly at times, her dark side has yet to emerge, but it will.
4. Which of your characters (in this book) is your favorite and Why?

Silvio is my favorite in this outing of the Roma Series. If you watch him, he’s always calm, collected, and he offers an intelligent observation. Readers look to Bianca for intelligence, but I think Silvio might be the smartest one in the bunch. I’m also fond of animals, as is Silvio, so that goes a long way with me.

5. Was there a certain scene in this book that was harder for you to write than others?

I’m not fond of writing violence. Violence, like sex, is best left imagined and off-screen. There is violence in Corporate, but nothing that I believe to be unseemly. Readers are likely to see more blood-and-gore in a typical police procedural on television, so why would I give them something that they’ve seen a thousand times. If I’m going to give you a violent scene, it’ll be memorable and it’ll serve a purpose.

6. If you could cast your characters in the Hollywood adaptation of your book, who would play your characters?

Interesting question, but I would have a to say either Charlize Theron or Angelina Jolie should play Bianca, or better -- Charlize Theron should play Bianca and Angelina Jolie should direct.

Victor Garber is Gennaro.
Bradley Cooper is Dante. (Note: Mr. Cooper is Italian).
Daniel Radcliffe is Silvio.
Orlando Bloom is Alessandro.
Farrugia is the toughest casting call. I would say that an actor who can project Idris Elba’s intensity would make a perfect Farrugia.

7. What is your least favorite part of the publishing /writing process?)

Promoting the book. While I can get out of my comfort zone and discuss my work, there is no right way to promote a book. I’ve seen Twitter feeds that are nothing more than endless tweets of: ‘Buy My Book!’ Publishing is in a real state of flux and it is the best of times and worst of times to be an author, for the simple fact that hundreds of thousands of books are published each year. I don’t think readers care whether a book is from a Big 5 publisher, a small press, or self-published so long as it is a quality story. I do what I can, but I work on putting the best work forward. I’m grateful that I have a supportive publisher in Winter Goose and that I have a say in editing and cover-art. I hope for a combination of word of mouth and positive reviews.

8. Just as your book(s) inspire authors, what authors have inspired you to write?

There are simply too many authors who have inspired me and shaped my imagination. I don’t intend that to sound like a cop-out, but I’ve discovered that you read different authors throughout your life and some you return to again, and some are important for that moment in your life. I read Thomas Hardy, for example, and he taught me many things about characters making bad decisions, but I can’t bear to re-read him because I find him so depressing. With age, comes maturity and depth to reading. I can now understand why actors want to play King Lear at different points of their lives, starting at forty because Shakespeare strings a pearl each time for the actor. Olivier would play Lear at seventy-five and Gielgud would lend his voice to a radio adaptation of the play at age ninety. A lifetime of reading books is like living all the emotions Lear did in the course of his life.

9. What writing advice do you have for other aspiring authors?

Be humble and write the best story that you have inside you. Seek out constructive criticism from people you trust. Revise ruthlessly knowing that the page is all that you have between you and the reader. If you can like an author’s work, give them a review, a kind word of encouragement.

10. Do you read your reviews? Do you respond to them, good or bad? Do you have any advice on how to deal with the bad?

I have read some of my reviews. I don’t respond to them. I’ll smile at the good ones and I’ll listen to the critical ones, looking for a common complaint. I know the story that I wanted to tell and if someone liked it, then I am grateful for the time they spent with my creation. I know that I can’t please everyone.

11. What are you working on now? What is your next project?

I’ve been writing five novellas around the Roma Series for my publisher. Each story concerns one of the five characters in the Series, a part of Italy, and predates Roma, Underground. Each novella is free, available from Winter Goose Publishing when you sign up for their email newsletter. Three of the five stories are done. Winter Goose will introduce my other series, The Company Files, in 2017.

Bonus Question: Characters often find themselves in situations they aren't sure they can get themselves out of. When was the last time you found yourself in a situation that was hard to get out of and what did you do?

My characters do get themselves into a bind, don’t they? If I can create the situation, though, I already have a solution in mind. It’s a compliment to think that readers are that into the story, that I’ve created a character that they care enough to wonder how he or she will make it to the next page. 
Thank you for stopping by Nighttime Reading Center, Gabriel Valjan. I have come to enjoy your books about Roma series. It get intense to the point I sometimes get headaces that got to take a break.

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December 5, 2016

Spotlight Tour: Epiphany

The Epiphany of an Explorer 
(The Brothers of the Aristocracy Book 3)
by Linda Rae Sande 

Genre: Historical Romance

A man only gets one chance to find his Aphrodite … but what if she finds him first?
When archeologist Dr. Stewart Jones, a duke, goes missing and is feared dead while searching for an important Greek artifact, explorer Harold Tennison, Earl of Everly, is pressed into service by fellow members of the Royal Society to find him. Since Harry has already planned an expedition to the Cyclades to search for rare birds and flowers, he sets off for the Aegean to begin his quest.
On his last visit to Delos, Harry was blessed with a visit from a young woman—his very own version of Aphrodite rising from the sea to regard him with an arched eyebrow and a simple question that left him so discombobulated, he could barely speak.
Born of a Mykonian mother and a British duke, Lady Estelle isn’t particularly comfortable in either world. With her father’s recent disappearance and no prospects for marriage, Stella may end up stranded on Mykonos. She spends her days assisting her uncle in his hunt for Greek treasures he can sell to visiting Europeans. At night, she remembers the bespectacled earl who nearly broke her foot during a waltz back in London. 

When Harry arrives on Mykonos to begin his hunt for the duke and to resume his own research, he’ll have to learn far more about mythology, antiquities, and Greek goddesses than he bargained for. The search may be worth it, though, but only if he ends up with his very own Aphrodite in “The Epiphany of an Explorer”.

A self-described nerd and lover of science, Linda Rae spent many years as a published technical writer specializing in 3D graphics workstations, software and 3D animation (her movie credits include SHREK and SHREK 2). An interest in genealogy led to years of research on the Regency era and a desire to write fiction based in that time.
A fan of action-adventure movies, she can frequently be found at the local cinema. Although she no longer has any fish, she follows the San Jose Sharks. She makes her home in Cody, Wyoming. See her upcoming books on her website:

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December 3, 2016

2016 Advent Calendar for Beck Valley Books #bvbtours

I'm excited to share with you all Beck Valley Book's unique interactive Christmas Advent for booklovers!!  If your looking for gifts or treating yourself, dive right into the Advent Calendar full of fabulous books from so many amazing authors for Christmas Gifts or for you to enjoy, special offers too!

Here we go....
Hover over the dates and they will become alive with so many wonderful book choices and some offers!  Click on the blog post link in each date to be taken to the author's own Christmas advent page where you will find out much more plus what makes Christmas special for them this year.

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Merry Christmas from all the Beck Valley Books reviewing team xx
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December 2, 2016

Spotlght Tour: Earth Escape

Earth Escape: 
Odyssey to the edge of the universe
By Real Laplaine 

Genre: SciFi Adventure

Earth Escape is a sci-fi thriller set in the very near future, bordering on a dystopian age where geopolitical powers on Earth are edging toward nuclear war, and meanwhile, the interstellar ship, Evolution, and its captain, Jim Tale and his Ai companion, CASS, are light years away in search of a new home and answers to the dilemma facing mankind. Was it the Big Bang, Divine creation or were we put here for reasons we have forgotten? In this thrilling space odyssey, Jim Tale, a misfit - a man haunted by demons of his past and plagued by these existential questions, faces the most brutal truths about who we are and the creation of the cosmos and the role he must play if he hopes to save Earth from an imminent apocalypse.

Victor Hugo said ... "A writer is a world trapped in a person."

That about sums it up for me. Besides the fact that I have a passion to unleash a world of ideas inside of me, my purpose for writing is to inspire others, to remind them that good does prevail over bad, to entertain the minds of readers, and to spark fires all over the world which introduce ideas, which incite activism, evolution for change and not an abiding faith to crusty old mediocrity; and ultimately, to repeat the message which sometimes gets lost in the miasma of life - that no dream is too big to realize - no matter what others may say the stars can be reached by those who want to.

"Everyone enjoys the escape. The thrill of living vicariously through the eyes and skin of characters who do things we may never do, or who in fact, mirror parts of our own lives, or who taunt us to live up to our ideals, our potentials - to our dreams. I write because it's a thrill, because coffee is cheap and I can sit and drink it all day while conjuring up stories for readers to enjoy. Reading is soul food. It opens new horizons to us, it stretches the mind and it reminds us that no dream is too big to realize."

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