December 12, 2019

24 Festive Task - Door 4: Guy Fawkes Day (Book)

Book: Read a book set in the UK, a political thriller, a book involving any monarchy or revolution, a book about arson or related to fires and burning, a book whose plot involves costumes / fancy dress, or that has masks on the cover, or that is self-published.


The Book Chosen for this book is Christmas in London. It take place in London which is part of the UK

I am sure it would work with a few others tasks on this fun game


Original post:

Book Review: Which Shape Should I Be?

Book Title: Which Shape Should I Be?
Author: BH Kids
Genres: Children, Educational, Shapes
Age Group: Newborn - 04 (Babies to 4 years olds)
Publisher: B&H Publishing Group
Publisher Date: 2019-11-05 (22 Pages, Board Book)
God knows the perfect shape for everything to be!

A circle, a square—each shape everywhere . . . Can you choose which shape each picture should be? In this delightful concept board book, toddlers will giggle at the silliness of a square egg or a round star, all while learning to recognize nine shapes. And they’ll learn that God made each of us the perfect shape too!

In the Little Words Matter™ board books, it only takes a few words to tell a big story. Crafted especially for toddlers, these books make biblical truths easily understandable and enjoyable for little ones and their parents too!

Discliamer: I received this book free though BH Blogger for an honest review
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Do you have a Toddler that you are looking for a good book for them play with? Well, this book called “What Shape Should I Be?” is just the one for you.

The book is made for babies and Toddlers. It a board book that is good for toddlers and babies along with young children. What a book that will help teach children or toddlers a bit of there shapes. This book does just that. It is good to entertain little children by allowing them to point and play with the book. It made for that.

This book is really good for toddlers and parents. I know toddlers like to play with books or parents want books that work with little children. They can do that with this book. Children and toddlers and point and see if they can find the shapes the book is asking them too.

I love books that can teach and learn about different things. It is cute but enjoyable. It is good for the ages of 00 to 04. Which I say is newborn to 4 years olds. The book is colorful. The words are big and so are the shapes. Children can try and pick out the shape they are showing. They can even enjoy pointing and checking out the pictures and turning the pages.

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Book Review: Claudette's Miraculous Motown Adventure

Book Title: Claudette's Miraculous Motown Adventure
Author: Claudette Robinson, A.K. Morris
Publisher: Heavenly Enterprises Midwest, Limited
Publisher Date: September 19, 2019 (42 Pages, Paperback
Genre: Children, Children Literature, Music, Adventure
Little Claudette lives in the magic kingdom of Motown, where all the happy children sing and dance in the streets. Then one day, an angry witch casts a spell, and the kingdom descends into dark silence. Unhappy and bored, Claudette finds a box of Miracles in her attic. Inside are four little fellows—Smokey, Bobby, Ronnie, and Pete—who sing music so sweet. Claudette and the Miracles begin to sing together, but will it be enough to bring light and laughter back to the kingdom of Motown?
Discliamer: I received this book free from the publicist of Smith Publicity Inc for an honesty review. My opinions are my own.
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Are you looking for a fun book about music? Well, Claudette Miraculous Mototown Adventure is a good one. You will be able to read to your children. They can learn a little bit about the Miracles and their first lady of Motown.

This is about a girl who needs to help save the day. Will Claudette be able to save the town of Motown? The way this is done is sweet. The story plot is easy to understand. It shows that even when all things are dark and gloomy. There might still be hope to bring back the happiness and cheer to Motown.

The pictures are done well. Kids can look at the pictures. The pictures tell the story. There is rhyming in the book. The book can teach young readers to read. Though they may need help with some of the words depending on their reading level.

The book as music throughout the book. You will learn some things about the band and group “The Miracles.” The author wants to preserve the music history of this band or time. In doing so she decided to write this book so that it fun and enjoyable.

As an original member of The Miracles, the first act to sign with Berry Gordy’s Tamla/Motown Records, Claudette Robinson was also the iconic label’s very first female artist. In 1960, The Miracles’ “Shop Around” became Tamla/Motown’s first million-seller, prompting Mr. Gordy to bestow a special official title on Claudette: “The First Lady of Motown.”

Born Claudette Annette Rogers in New Orleans, Louisiana, she was bright and adventurous. At a very young age she embraced her grandmother’s Christian values and service to her church when she sang in the choir.

Claudette’s family relocated to Detroit, Michigan where she excelled academically with honors and graduated from Commerce High School at the young age of 15. At age 16, she attended Wayne State University through her sophomore year of college, before joining the United States Marine Corps Reserves, where she was a member of the Rifle Team with accomplished sharpshooter status.

Claudette always had a love for music, and in her free time, she sang with several female groups and performed in local talent shows in the Detroit area. While her brother Emerson “Sonny” Rogers was away serving in the Army, his Matadors groupmate was William “Smokey” Robinson. Claudette was a member of their sister group, the Matadorettes. As fate would have it, they met Motown founder Berry Gordy in 1957. A friendship and partnership was created that has thrived for more than 60 years.

Claudette and her groupmates William “Smokey” Robinson, Warren “Pete” Moore, Ronald “Ronnie” White, and Robert “Bobby” Rogers became The Miracles. Their first Tamla single, “Got A Job,” was released on February 19, 1958.

During The Miracles’ six-decade career, the group has sold more than 60 million records to date. Four Miracles hits -- “The Tracks of My Tears,” “Ooo Baby Baby,” “Shop Around,” and “You’ve Really Got a Hold on Me”-- have been selected by the National Recording Preservation Board for the United States Library of Congress’ National Recording Registry, which honors and preserves culturally, historically and aesthetically significant American recordings. These same four Miracles songs have also been inducted into the GRAMMY® Hall of Fame, honoring recordings of lasting qualitative or historical significance.

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December 4, 2019

Book Review: The Society of Extraordinary Raccoon Society on Boasting by Randall Goodgame

Book Title: The Society of Extraordinary Raccoon Society on Boasting
Author: Randall Goodgame
Publisher: B Kids
Publisher Date: 2019-10-15 (32 Pages, Hardcover
Genres: Children, Christian, Animals,
Even when Slugs & Bugs music isn’t playing, old and new friends of the brand can now enjoy its witty world and biblical wisdom. The SOERS are favorite characters from the Slugs & Bugs songs, and these new picture books explore their world and their fun message about giving.

Young Maggie and Morty are the newest recruits to the SOERS, and they’ve given up their previous thieving ways. But when Maggie starts boasting that her newfound generosity is better than Morty’s, the young raccoons must learn a lesson about bragging from Matthew 6:2–3 and learn to give quietly instead.
Disclaimer: I received this book from BH Bloggers / Lifeway for an honesty review
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Did your kids or children try to outdo the other? Well, this book might be a good one for you and children or grandchildren. It is good for your nieces and nephews to read too. They all can learn through this book.

This book is about boasting and learning about it. Morty and Maggie learn about this though the SOERS group they join. Maggie says something that makes Morty upset.

I love the fact that these main characters need to learn about different things. They do it by making mistakes but by helping those in need in their community. This is what SOERS do and still learn lessons. Your children can learn along with with Morty and Maggie though this book.

The author does a wonderful job of teaching a lesson but also making it fun. The book does rhyme while reading the story. It is good for first-time readers as well. Children can learn to rhyme and learn a moral lesson about boasting. Learn the best way to do that through the lord.

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December 2, 2019

Book Review: The Perfect Christmas

Book Title: The Perfect Christmas
Author: Bell Renshaw
Series: Winter Montana #2
Genre: Romance, Christian, Holiday, Christmas
Publisher: Pine Mountain Publishing
Publisher Date: October 1, 2019 (197 Pages, Paperback)
Will the perfect Christmas be enough to convince Beau that a life with Ansley could be equally perfect?

Born and raised in Winter, Montana, Beau Bradley can’t imagine life anywhere else. During the holiday season his coffee shop, Mountain Grounds, is as busy as ever and now that his girlfriend is back in town, things finally seem to be lining up—until he gets a call that could change it all.

Ansley Strauss is back in Winter after a nine-month, art intensive in Canada and she’s ready to celebrate the Christmas season in the tried and true Winter-style. There’s only one problem: her boyfriend lacks Christmas spirit. Her solution? Make this Christmas perfect to remind Beau just how special this time of year is.

Set on a course for ultimate Christmas joy, Ansley and Beau find that life doesn’t always work out the way they hope it will. Beau faces the reality that plans can’t account for everything and sometimes risking it all is the only way. Ansley will have to come to the realization that no matter how perfect things are, it’s the imperfections in life that make it worth living.

It’s another Christmas in Winter, Montana where the coffee is always hot and the mistletoe beckons lovers to share a kiss.
Discliamer: I received a free copy of this book from the publisher for and honest review and for being on her Street Team.
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Did you ever doubt your love and if you should give it up for someone else? If you say a person is slow or cautious with everything? It feels like you are good enough for you. Well, this book somewhat shows that struggle with the two main characters Beau and Ansley?

Beau Bradley has some struggles he seems to fight? But maybe it has to do with what happened with his father passing? Ansley has a problem of her own to deal with that she wants a perfect in everything or at least in things. Will she realize that all things are mean to go as perfect as she wants them? Will Beau realize that all things can be planed out?

The author does wonderful with the job with the story and making the world and characters so real. Is Love worth the risk? If you enjoyed the first book, this one is quite more of a good story of two slow-moving into love and take a risk for it all? The perfect Christmas is the second story of the story of Beau Bradley and his girlfriend. We catch up with Holt and Jessica a little bit.

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Book Tour: Snowfall at Moonglow by Deborah Garner #BVBTours

Book Title: Snowfall at Moonglow
Author: Deborah Garner
Publisher: Cranberry Cove Press
Publisher Date: 2019-11-22 (110 Pages, E-book)
Series: Moonglow Christmas #5
Genres: Christmas, Holiday, Romance
Each holiday season, new and returning guests gather in the small town of Timberton, Montana, to celebrate Christmas at the Timberton Hotel. Resident artist and chef Mist's unique way of offering exceptional cuisine, exquisite decor, and a touch of the unexpected, has a way of bringing visitors and local townsfolk together in heartfelt camaraderie.

As this year's guests arrive with hopes of a white Christmas, unseasonably warm weather hints at a less-than-wintery wonderland. But whether the snow falls or not, one thing is certain: with Mist around, there's bound to be a little magic. No one ever leaves Timberton without renewed hope for the future.
Disclaimer: I received a copy of the book from Beck Valley Book Tours for an honesty review
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This was done well. It seems everyone is waiting for a big snowstorm that is to be predicted. As some of the guests arrive for the holiday season. Mist just let them all settle in and get to know them at their own pace.

This seems to be a special activity that Mist seems to have pulled together for the guest at the hotel. That she gets some of the townsfolk to help out. What is this activity she has planned? Well, you will need to find out by reading.

The guests are Clara and Andrew, Michael, Max and Kinsley and Allison and the Professor. The story is heartfelt and sweet. It is a fun and enjoyable read. It loves it. Deborah Garner does a wonderful job of creating a special time for getting together.

Deborah Garner is an accomplished travel writer with a passion for back roads and secret hideaways. Born and raised in California, she studied in France before returning to the U.S. to attend UCLA. After stints in graduate school and teaching, she attempted to clone herself for decades by founding and running a dance and performing arts center, designing and manufacturing clothing and accessories, and tackling both spreadsheets and display racks for corporate retail management. Her passions include photography, hiking and animal rescue. She speaks five languages, some substantially better than others. She now divides her time between California and Wyoming, dragging one human and two canines along whenever possible.
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November 30, 2019

Monthly Wrap Up: November 2019

November seem like it was taking forever. Maybe not forever but it seem that way with Thanksgiving. Which is when we get together and give Thanks for the what we have and got. This is the first major holiday with out my Pappap. It felt a little strange but to bad. We had most of the family together.

I have to read seven books this month.  I am also working on my spreadsheet that is called Reading Log. I will share it with my followers and other bloggers and book bloggers soon. I have completed all the tabs for me. I will write up a blog post for you all. I just need to find the time to do it. Maybe this week. More on the spreadsheet when I create the blog post about it. This has been that hardest part is how to make the blog post. With the new year coming. I may add it and maybe bring it out to all in the next month.

I have giveaways going on my blog. Check my sidebar on my blog under "Giveaways".

Books Read in November:
  1. An Amish Christmas Bakery by Various Authors (Book Tour / Review Coming in December 16)
  2. Snowfall at Moonglow by Deborah Gardner (Book Tour / Review Coming December 2)
  3. The Society of Extraordinary Raccoon Society by Randall Goodgame
  4. Ted the Friendly Frog and the Tale of the Diamond by Scott McCall
  5. Ted the Friendly Frog and the Race at Golden Lake by Scott McCall
  6. Ted the Friendly Frog and the Santa Frog by Scott McCall
  7. The Perfect Christmas by Bell Renshaw (Review Coming Soon)
My books really fell in 2 different genres for this month. They are in 3 different media categories I believe as well. They will be shown below.

Books by Genre:
  1. Children - 4 Books
  2. Romance - 3 Book
Books by Media Categories:
  1. Paperback - 1 Books
  2. Hard Cover - 4 Books
  3. E-Books - 2 Books
I have read a total of 739 Pages, for the month of November. I finally am back to reading around what I think I can for a month.  The total for 2019 is 9,736 Pages and 34 Hours of Listening.

Books by Pages Total:
  1. An Amish Christmas Bakery - 300 Pages
  2. Snowfall at Moonglow - 110 Pages
  3. The Society of Extraordinary Raccoon Society - 32 Pages
  4. Ted the Friendly Frog and the Tale of the Diamond - 34 Pages
  5. Ted the Friendly Frog and the Race at Golden Lake - 34 Pages
  6. Ted the Friendly Frog and the Santa Frog - 32 Pages
  7. The Perfect Christmas - 197 Pages
Total Pages by Month:
  1. January - 1,530 Pages
  2. February - 532 Pages
  3. March - 1,390 Pages
  4. April - 363 Pages, (about 16 Hours, Listening)
  5. May - 368 Pages, (about 10 Hours, Listening)
  6. June -  995 Pages
  7. July - 448 Pages, (about 8 Hours, Listening)
  8. August - 1,093 Pages
  9. September - 782 Pages
  10. October - 1,496 Pages
  11. November - 739 Pages

Total books by Month:

  1. January - 8 Books
  2. February - 2 Books
  3. March - 5 Books
  4. April - 4 Books
  5. May - 2 Books
  6. June - 3 Books
  7. July - 2 Book
  8. August - 5 Books
  9. September - 4 Books
  10. October - 7 Books
  11. November - 7 Books
Favorite Book of the Month:

I would link up my review for this book but it not live yet.
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Book Haul of the Month:

Book Challenges:
- Goodreads Reading Challenge 49/31 Books (Completed)
- Booklikes Reading Challenge 49/31 Books (Completed)
- Fiction Addiction's Monthly Wrap up
- Backlog of Reviews (4 Reviews) 2011 though 2018
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      November 27, 2019

      Book Tour / Review: Over the River and Though The Woods #bvbtours

      Book Title: Over the River and Though The Woods
      Authors: Jennifer Diamond, Lorraine Donohue, Abigail Drake, Phil Giunta, Kimberly Kurth Gray, N.J. Hammer, Hilary Hauck, Eileen Enwright Hodgetts, Lori M. Jones, Ramona DeFelice Long, Janet McClintock, MaryAlice Meli, Amy Morley, Cara Reinard, James Robinson, Jr., Larry Schardt, Kathleen Shoop, Demi Stevens, Denise Weaver, Michele Savaunah Zirkle
      Series: Mindful Writers Retreat Series # 2
      Genres: Holidays, Christmas, Thanksgiving, Short Story, Poems, Anthology
      Publisher: Year of the Book Press
      Publisher Date: 2019-09-21 (217 Pages, Paperback)
      A holiday pastiche from the authors of Mindful Writers Retreat, sure to light your festive candles!From a Thanksgiving snow storm that mends old feuds… to the family misunderstandings that fuel new ones… a quirky elf and some romantic stardust will get you ready to go Over the River and Through the Woods on a journey through time!
      Disclaimer: I received a free copy of this book though Beck Valley Books and for an honest review
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      Over the River and Through the Woods reminds me of the song or even poem that you sing on your way to Grandma's when you are going their to eat at Thanksgiving. If this Title did not remind you of that I do not know why.

      The Title did this and I could not forget the song or poem that pops into my mind when it did. I would love to have download the one I found that sing the complete song of this title but it seem to be hard. There seem to be different versions of this song.

      This book has different stories in it. They are all short and sweet. I loved each story. There seem to be poem and a recipe in the book. I really did enjoy each story that was written and chosen for this book. There was not one that I did not like. Each author show their talent and or story.

      The way this is set up I enjoyed it. I was able to read multiple stories in one night. I really like that each story was short or told about their memories on Christmas memories. Each story was heartfelt and loving. The stories are made for just that the holidays.

      These stories could bring you to feel their pain or their memories. The stories have meaning and feelings. Any one looking for holiday stories this book is worth it. Each story has is only meaning and I really could see that with each story that was put into this book.


      Mindful Writers Retreat Authors 
      Many of the writers who contributed to the anthology. 
      The retreats happen at Ligonier camp and conference center in Ligonier, PA. 

      Twenty-one Mindful Writers Retreat Authors contributed to OVER THE RIVER AND THROUGH THE WOODS. The group consists of bestsellers, award-winners, first-time authors, seasoned veterans, poets, memoirists, essayists, musicians, journalists, novelists, and short story writers who are traditionally, self and hybrid published. At Mindful Writers Retreats the labels don’t create a hierarchy, but instead reveal the richness of those who attend. Every single writer contributes to the magic and the fun that results from meditation, walking in the woods, and hour upon hour of mindful writing.

      “Thanksgiving Traveler” – Janet McClintock
      “Solstice” – Eileen Enwright Hodgetts
      “Magic Sleigh Bed” – Michele Savaunah Zirkle
      “Tidings of Comfort and Joyce” – Kimberly Kurth Gray
      “The Bridge on the River Obi-Wan” – Ramona DeFelice Long
      “Reminiscing on the Nostalgia of Happier Times” – Amy Morley
      “Christmas Pearl” – Demi Stevens
      “Once Upon a Life Well Spent” – Hilary Hauck
      “The Christmas Tree” – Kathleen Shoop
      “Tink” – Abigail Drake
      “Limited Time Offer” – Phil Giunta
      “Cranberry River” – Lorraine Donohue Bonzelet
      “The Christmas Angel” – MaryAlice Meli
      “A Gift” – Lori M. Jones
      “Stars of Peace” – N.J. Hammer
      “Fathers and Daughters” – Jennifer Diamond
      “The Day the Magic Died” – James Robinson, Jr.
      “Shaping Christmas” – Denise Weaver
      “Buon Natale” – Cara Reinard
      “First Nativity” – Larry Schardt
      “’Twas a Hard Day’s Night and Another Auld Lang Syne” – Sherren Elias Pensiero

      Many of the writers who contributed to the anthology.  
      The retreats happen at Ligonier camp and conference center in Ligonier, PA

      Find the Mindful Writers Retreat Series on Facebook HERE

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