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This is where all of my forms are for you to use. These are the services for you to use. I would like to make it easy for you to use and understand. I also wanted to make it more organized for you.

This is where my Book Review Form. If you are  looking for me to review your book this it. I am willing to review E-books, Print Books, Audio-books. You will need to fill out this form with all information needed. You are welcome to send me any of the types. I will post reviews on my blog, Amazon (When able), Barnes & Nobles, Twitter, Facebook, Booklikes, Goodreads, and Riffle.

You looking for me to review a product of yours. This is the place. You are welcome to fill out the form. I will try and check it each week. The product that are review able on here are Electronics, I will will accept all review for Tablets, E-readers, I-pad, I-pods, Audio-book Players.  Just fill out the forms. I will contact you after I see it. If i am to review it. I will need to play with it at some point. I will post a review on my blog and few retail sites.

Looking for to do a Interview. Nighttime Reading Center is happy to do you a interview. You can just fill out this form. It a feature called "Interview Around the Globe" with authors. I accept all Interviews. It just may take some time before I post it if it with a review book. It will be post on Thursday's unless it with a book tour.

Want to giveaway a book, Product or Gift cards. Nighttime Reading Center is willing host a giveaway. You just need to fill out the forms. I need to know how many, It all in the form. I will hold that giveaway with whatever date you select. I will keep any eye out for any those at least once a week. I may also be a good idea to contact me though e-mail as well.


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