Nighttime Reading Center Policies

Here we have all of our Policies. I have now linked them up to each policy. We would like to keep all organized and easy to navigate for you. Please read the policies or policy that refer to you. At the moment we have only 2 policies but if we add more, they will be added here.

 Here is our Private Policy. It our Policy to protect your privacy and we have it here for you review or take a look at. This is for you and all our visitors and bloggers. We  try to keep it updated for you. We have updated it but not much as change in the format. We will state here when we change something in our Policy or if I update the the Policy.

Here is our Disclose Policy. This so you that we disclose information with advertiser but my options is not affected by them or the product that are on this website. Please review if you would like to have a look, I give honesty point with no influence in any matter.

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