November 16, 2018

Good Night, Baby Animals You've Had a Busy Day: A Treasury of Six Original Stories

Book Title: Good Night, Baby Animals You've Had a Busy Day: A Treasury of Six Original Stories
Author: Karen B. Winnick
Genres: Children, Bedtime, Short story,
Publisher: Henry Holt and Co.
Publish Date:  January 24, 2017 (64 Pages, Hardcover)
Disclaimer: I received a copy from the author / Publisher free and my opinion are my own and honest.
Description: Whether they're dashing, splashing, munching, or crunching, baby animals are ever-exploring! At home in their natural habitats, baby animals learn about the world that surrounds them. When the fun is done, it's time for baby animals to go to sleep. After all, every baby animal has to rest.

Good Night Baby Animals teaches us what an animal does in six different stories. Sleep is important for a baby and baby animals. This is true for hamans as well. This book show use though the baby animals what they do during there day.

They explore and what they need to rest as well when the time is right. The author does a good job doing this and showing children and teaching children that sleep and rest is important to all including animals.

The pictures are colorful. They are done wonderfully. They also can tell the story for young children. Parents should have this for their young children to learn about animals and rest.

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November 9, 2018

Blog Tour: Storm Taken by William Michael Davidson

Book Title: Storm Taken
Author: William Michael Davidson
Genres: Thriller, Sci-fi, Science Fiction, Adult Fiction
Publisher: Clean Reads
Publish Date: July 16, 2018, (268 Pages, Paperback)
Disclaimer: I recieved this book free from +LauraFabianiIreadbookTours for the blog tour and for and honest review. My opinions are my own.
Description: Trapped on Naples Island, Eddie Dees does everything he can to hold his family together. A supernatural storm is feeding on people’s fear and paranoia. The more people turn on each other, the stronger it becomes.

Believing there are small, systematic breaks in the storm, he plans to make his way off the island with as many residents as possible. But he must first deal with the crazed gunman roaming the streets as well as another growing threat: Klutch, a violent army vet suffering PTSD, has recruited a band of followers who believe the storm is a weaponized weather experiment gone awry. Klutch plans on stopping anyone from leaving the island, and one of his followers is Eddie’s own teenage son.

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Storm Taken is one action packed but also as some different elements to it. It was enjoyable and really a good way to look at a storm and the way we prescriptive them. Ever wonder what it like to look at thunderstorm and wonder it something of it own.

There a storm that taking be surprised by all. Things start to go missing? Is there someone taking things with out anyone knowing. To the locals on Naples they do not know that the storm is feeding on something until they are trapped on the island and can not get off or anyone can get on the island.

Can a storm feed of fear and make people to turn on one another or will they unite? I wonder about this if a storm really can feed off our fear? Is it some weather weaponize from the government? Is is a freak storm? To know for sure it hard to say. But the story behind it is good. There seems to be few plots and is there a mad man running around?

The author does a really good job with it. There seems to be a bit mystery. We learn that we may need to learn survive and get along with neighbors. Will the families work together or will they start turning on each other?

Prizes: Win a print copy of Storm Taken or a $20 Amazon Gift Card (open to USA only / 4 winner)
(ends Nov 17, 2018)

William Michael Davidson lives in Long Beach, California. A believer that "good living produces good writing," Davidson writes early in the morning so he can get outside, exercise, spend time with people, and experience as much as possible. He is a writer of suspense and speculative fiction. If he's not writing, he's probably at the beach.
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November 1, 2018

Monthly Wrap Up: October

October was slow but rainy. Children are looking to cool temps and Trick or Treating. The Holidays are coming and they are appropriating quickly. This is the month that we see costumes and children dressing up as.

Football back in season for me. My Pittsburgh Steelers are 4-2-1 for the month of October.  Lets Go Steelers.

Books Read in October:

  1. Amish Celebrations by Beth Wiseman 
  2. The Christmas Prayer by Wanda E. Brunstetter
  3. The Perfect Square by Vannetta Chapman
So for the month of October, I have read a total of 968 Pages. You can see what my total for the month by book below.

Total Pages by book for August:

  1. Amish Celebrations - 440 Pages
  2. The Christmas Prayer - 176 Pages
  3. The Perfect Square - 352 Pages
So Far for the 2018, the Total Pages Read is 11,098 Pages, 10 Hours and 32 Mins. That is a total of 10 months of this year. Take look at the total per month below.

Total Pages Per Month:

  1. January - 1,135 Pages
  2. February - 1,359 Pages
  3. March - 1,834 Pages
  4. April - 1,558 Pages
  5. May - 304 Pages
  6. June - 1,346 Pages
  7. July - 799 Pages
  8. August - 845 Pages
  9. September - 644 Pages, (10 Hours and 32 Mins)
  10. October - 968 Pages
So Far as of 2018 the Total Books Read are 47 Books.

Total Books Per Month:

  1. January - 4 Books
  2. February - 7 Books
  3. March - 5 Books
  4. April - 7 Books
  5. May - 3 Books
  6. June - 6 Books
  7. July - 4 Books
  8. August - 4 Books
  9. September - 4 Books
  10. October - 3 Books
What was written and posted in September or October. Some of the books were read in 2018 and that is way you are see them posted in later months of 2018 as for I choose those dates for the tours. You will that I have Reviews that will be posted this year that go to book that were read before or during the previous month of 2018. Though I am trying to keep up with current reviews with book read this year there are some from back log. I just did not get to write the review. They will be marked.
  • Book Tour: Murder By Perfection by Lauren Carr + G...
    Want to see all the wraps so far. Take a look Below at the list.

    2018 Monthly Wrap Up:

    1. January
    2. February
    3. March
    4. April
    5. May (this is a book off and I miscalculated when i did the wrap up. Sorry, Should have 3 book but only has two)
    6. June
    7. July
    8. August
    9. September
    Real Life Things going on 
    Happy Birthday to my Mom
    Happy Birthday to Icicle (Pet - dog)
    Happy Halloween

    I wonder what Books your read that were related to the holiday? What are you doing for Halloween?

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