December 31, 2019

Yearly Wrap up: 2019 Year

Can you believe it the 2019 year is almost over? It is over at the stroke of Midnight. So let's see what I did for the whole 2019 year. Did I do better with the gender gap with more female vs Male? Did I do more of my favorite or did Mix it up this year. You can take a look at my graphs for this year. Along with my monthly wrap-ups. I will be using those wrap up for some stats for some graphs.

I was able to completely read 54 books this year. My goal was 31 books. That is 23 books over my goal. The Total of Pages read for the year 10,348 Pages, 33 Hours and 33 Mins.

Books Read in 2019: Book Title (In Order of being read)

The Christmas Story of Light
Woman of Courage: Collector's Edition
A House for a Mouse
Eye Of The Eagle
The Haunting of Hillwood Farm
The Forgiving Jar
A Song for Bellafortuna
Storm Proof
Trials amd Trails
The Fourth Courier
Mending Fences
Sonya Sahni and the first Grade - Its International Day
The High Court
Secrets of Cavendon
Winter Frost
Counter Punch
Crimes Past
Dead Gold
It Murder, My Son
An Amish Family
With Winters First Frost
A Silken Thread
The Thirteenth Guardian
The Brides of the Big Valley
Real Murder
The Healing Jar
The Root Of Murder
Great & Small Prayers For Babies
Night Night Bible Stories
The Inn at Hidden Run
Found In Time
Gertrude and Toby Meet the Wolf
Max and Dax Meet
The Last Thing She Said
The Heart of A King
Over the River and Though the Woods
Are We Still Friends?
God Gave Us the Bible: Forty-Five Favorite Stories for Little Ones
The Magic Sapphire
The Lost Pulse
The Statue of Anubis
An Amish Christmas Bakery
Snowfall at Moonglow
Ted the Friendly Frog and the Tale of the Diamond
Ted the Friendly Frog and the Race at Golden Lake
Ted the Friendly Frog and Santa Frog
The Society of Exraordinary Raccon Society
The Perfect Christmas
The Society of Extraordinary Raccoon Society on Boasting
Claudette's Miraculous Motown Adventure
Which Shape Should I Be?
Christmas In London
The Bleikovat Event

My shortest book for the year which is "Great and Small Prayers for Babies" by B&H Kids and my longest book for this year is "The Brides of the Big Valley" by Wanda E. Brunsetter. My average Length by Goodreads is 209 Pages.

My most Popular book this year is "The Forgiving Jar" by Wanda E. Brunsetter with 997 people want to read. My least popular book "Ted the Friendly Frog and the Race of Golden Lake" by Scott McCall.

My List of authors for this year. There a lot of them. Let see a total of them below. Then I will tell you who was my favorite author this year. I will be able to tell you my Female vs Male Author in pie form.

Books Read in 2019: By Author

B&H Kids2
Barbara Taylor Bradford1
Carol McLeod1
Chris Ledbetter1
Dorena Williamson1
Hawk MacKinney2
Jim Halverson1
Kathleen Fuller1
Kathryn Knight1
Kelly Irvin1
Kim Vogel Sawyer1
KM Lewis1
Lauren Carr6
Ora Smith1
Patrice William Marks1
Rebecca Westberg1
Sharon Buchbinder1
Soma Mandal1
Suzanne Woods Fisher1
Timothy Jay Smith1
Vincent B. Chip LoCoco1
Wanda E. Brunsetter4
Olivia Newport1
JK Kelly2
Shari Tharp1
Marissa Shortt1
Jill Eileen Smith1
Randall Goodgame3
Lisa Tawn Bergren1
Alba Arango2
Scott McCall3
Anita Hughes1
Bell Renshaw1
My Top 5 Authors were for 2019.
  1. Lauren Carr (6 Books)
  2. Wanda Brunstter (4 Books)
  3. Randall Goodgame (3 Books)
  4. Scott McCall (3 Books)
  5. JK Kelly (2 Books)
As you can see that is my list of authors by amount I read. You see my Top 5 Authors for this year. I read 54 books and have 31 Total authors. I have read few books by a couple of authors. I like that by far. You can see what my favorite authors were this year.

For my Genre of book i enjoyed this year seem to be "Mystery" 8 books (34.3%). This seem about fair given that Lauren Carr is my top author with a total of 6 Books read. The next one is "Romance" with 8 books (22.9%), and then "Historical Fiction" with 7 (20%). My Top was "Other" with 19 Books but it not listed on this chart.

Those are my favorite to read by the way of fiction. Not in that order per say. I enjoy Children which falls in the Other section in this chart. Mystery is the next best for me. This year this chart is not complete right has some of the genres were missing in the chart.

The authors gender for me this year was clear. I read more female authors then male. Female authors read this year is a total of 36 (66.7%), Male authors read this year was 14 (25.9%), Both and NA came to 2 books a piece (3.7%). I did do this years though a pie chart to see what my percentage is more Female or Male? My key to this is using Female (F), Male (M), Combined (Both), I did not know (NA).

Almost but not quite there is my Series vs Standalone? How many books do you think you can read 29 Books in series and 25 Books that are considered Standalone. Series out wins Standalone this year.
that are not series or just standalone. I know I read more series books then I do standalone books. I know i read more series then standalone. But how many of each for this year? I have not clue. How many did i start and not finish or got a book that put me to starting a new series. Well lets find out, By looking at the pie chart. Well it looks like I have

I wondered how many of my books came in what format? Were they E-books or Paperback or audio-book or another format. Well thanks me keeping track and Google Sheets for helping figure out the numbers to correct my spreadsheet for making the right format for each of my books for this year in 2019.
For This year of 2019, I have seem to have read more Paperbacks. I had a total of 5 different formats this year. E-Book, Paperback, Hardcover, Audio-Book and Board Book. My E-books came next after Paperback. Which you can tell by the pie chart.

Now for my reviews for this year. I have read 54 books. Most of the reviews are up for this year. I will show you my first review for 2019 that got posted on Goodreads. That is "A Christmas Story of Light" by Ora Smith. I got this book as an E-book and Being on the book Tour. I enjoyed it.

My favorite book that really enjoyed reading and it was out of my Book Tour books was "Over the River and Though the Woods". It was one of my better reads. do not get me wrong when I say that this is one of my favorites reads. It was on one of my top reads for 2019. If would suggest you read my review of "Over the River and Though the Woods". Winter Frost is second, The Thirteenth Guardian come third to that.

My Top 5 Favorite Reviews: 2019 Year

  1. Winter Frost (Mystery, AudioBook Tour)
  2. The Forgiving Jar (Christian Fiction)
  3. The Haunting of Hillwood Farm (Mystery)
  4. The High Court ( Fantasy, Book Tour)
  5. The Inn at Hidden Run

There is only one that will be posted next year in 2020. That review is "The Bleikovat Event" by Hawk MacKinny. This book is on book tour here in 2020. That book was my last review posted on Goodreads for 2019 even though it not stating that in my year of books. If you want to see the full review or get a copy of it though my blog please wait for the blog post to go live here in 2020. There is a giveaway for this book i believe. Here is the one they are saying is my last review of the year

Here is my full list of blog post for the year of 2019. I hope you enjoy. Let Bring in 2020 with a blast. Happy New Year all. I hope You get more Book to enjoy in 2020.

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Want to read my Monthly Wrap up for 2019? Well just look below.

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