May 13, 2014

Review: The Quarryman's Bride

Book Title: The Quarryman's Bride
Author: Tracie Peterson
Publisher: Bethany House
Pub Date: June 1, 2013
Genres: Christian Fiction, Fiction, Series, Romance
Book Resource: Received it from Bethany House for a free honesty Review
Series: Land of Shining Water #2
Synopsis: Emmalyne Knox and Tavin MacLachlan were destined to be together...until the tragic deaths of Emmalyne's youngest sisters. Family tradition mandates that the youngest daughter should remain single to care for her parents in their old age, and now that daughter is Emmalyne. Her father unyielding, Emmalyne surrenders to her duty, heartbroken. Tavin leaves town, equally devastated.
Years later, Emmalyne's family moves, and she and Tavin meet again. Their feelings for each other are as strong as ever, but their painful past and Emmalyne's father still stand between them. Soon both families are in the midst of the growing conflict rising between the workers at the granite quarry that Tavin's father owns and operates. When a series of near-fatal accidents occur, Tavin must figure out who is behind the attacks before someone gets killed.

Bound by obligation, yet yearning for a future together, can Emmalyne and Tavin dare to dream that God could heal a decade-long wound and change the hearts of those who would stand in the way of true love?

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My Thoughts:
This book was really different in a way of a Romance book. You some what learn to keep faith along with hope. Some things really happen once tragically happen to one particular family. Things begin to change though out the book. Doe god start to heal their hearts and wounds?

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May 5, 2014

Review: Seasons of Tomorrow

Book Title: Seasons of Tomorrow
Author: Cindy Woodsmall
Publisher: WaterBrook Press
Pub Date: April 15, 2014
Declaimer: "I received this book for free from Blogging for Books for this review."
Series: Amish Vines and Orchards #4
Genres: Amish, Amish Fiction, Fiction, Christian, Christian Fiction,
Synopsis: As love restores Rhoda, a sudden tragedy is the test of faith she never saw coming... 
More settled in her heart than ever before, Rhoda Byler feels a newfound confidence living in the Old Order Amish settlement she helped establish in Orchard Bend, Maine. Though it has been almost a year since one brother left, Rhoda is happy to be working alongside the other brother as they tend and nurture the settlement's orchard. Time has helped to heal Rhoda's wounds, and she finds that even her unusual gift of profound intuition is less of a burden as she continues to seek God's wisdom and purpose for her life. 
But when an Englischer friend's grandchild is taken deeper into hiding from her grandmother, can Rhoda's gift make a difference or will it simply be a catalyst to another season of doubt and misunderstanding? As she resolves to stay on course, suddenly a shocking tragedy challenges the young settlement like never before, threatening to uproot Rhoda's peace and the future of everything she holds dear.

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My Thoughts:
Rhoda has started feeling settle in Maine. She starts to follow her god talent and tries to help an englisher with finding her grandchild. Soon a family tragedy happens and things start unravel a bit in Maine. Will the new settlement stay and be able to establish. Samuel dat come to make a demand about his daughter Leah. What will happen to all though who are making it a go in Orchard Bend, Maine. You may like how it ends up and see all the battles the new settlement need to overcome?

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May 3, 2014

I'm Twirrely Cover Reveal

Book Title: I'm Twirrely is Cover is being Revealed.
Book Synopsis:  It’s about a sweet sassy little squirrel that just wants to dance and be with her friends and family. Twirrely takes you through her day and shows you why her name suits her so well.
Author Bio: I can be followed on:
My author website:
Twitter: @brendalochinger
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There was a giveaway to this on May 2,2013 on her Facebook page. If you pre order the book I'm Twirrely you can get a free copy of I'm Squirrely on Ebooks and then you will receive I'm Twirrely on May 6, 2014. Here is the link to it: I'm Twirrely. I'm Twirrely! is the second book in The Nut Family Series.
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