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Nighttime Reading Center has all the reviews set up for easy access to all of you. You may look them up by Authors name, Series, Genres, Time Period, book title. They are all set up for you to click on. I want you to have an easy way to find the book review you are looking for.

 This is where you can find your review by authors last name. We would like you to know that it will be updated as often as we post reviews, This is for all authors that did something on Nighttime Reading Center. They are  all in alphabetical order for you to have easy access.

Are you looking for a book in a certain period in history. This is the right place. We have review on the USA Period of time. Nighttime Reading Center does not have all the period of all the time frames. Though We would like to add them.

 Looking a certain Title of a book. I added them here for easy access. They are now in order. They go by the first letter of the book title. We want the best and easy way to find the book  review you are want to read about. If it not there it may be in the process of being added or I have not read it as of yet.

Here is where you can look up a certain category or tag. We have a several different tags for you look use. We will add as we can. I  think it best to keep them as organized for you to find that post or review.

Here is where we have all the book series that I have read or in the process of reading or in the middle of the series. I hope you can find the book series you are looking for. Not all of our post are in series. Be sure you look at the other lists to find your book or review you want to read.

This is button is for all the books I have read in the past years to now. I read books in 2009 to now and since I have book listed since before I started my blog in 2012 i have not reviews for those books yet or if I do it will be when I reread the book or books.

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  1. Thank you Lindsay for your review. I'm so glad you understood the story of Mavis. :) That story began with the photo on the cover. The first cover only had me as the bride. I was playing around with backgrounds, and when the little girl (me) appeared, it was appealing to me, but the original cover was only the bride. I couldn't and still don't know how the little girl (me) appeared in that photo. But I slept on it and came up with this story of Mavis. The story wrote itself with a few plot twists along the way. I don't know how I came up with the name Mavis. :) But I enjoyed this story so much. I love exploring the afterlife, the unknown. I appreciate your time reading my work, and the review. Love it. I'll share with my websites.


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