Time Period

Here are all of my Time Periods. Right now I have reviews by time period it is about. If I can figure out the time period or Historical Period I would love to add it to the list or put it in a list. If I read your book. It might be a good idea if you tell me what the time period it set in.

Time Period

USA Map in a green circle

1492-1763 Colonial America
1790-1828 The New Nation
1914-1928 Great War & Jazz Age 

1789-1799 French Revolution
1791-1792 Kingdom of France
1792-1804 First Republic
1804-1814 First Empire
1814-1830 Restoration
1830-1848 July Monarchy
1848-1852 Second Republic
1852-1870 Second Empire
1870-1940 Third Republic
1940-1944 Free France & Vichy France
1944-1946 Provisional Republic
1946-1958 Fourth Republic
1958 - present Fifth Republic


1056-1232 Polonnaruwa
1232-1505 Transitional
1505-1594 Crisis of Sixteenth Century
1594-1815 Kandy
1815-1948 British Ceylon
1948- present Modern Era


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