Reading 4 Autism Book Challenge

I'm very excited to share with you a new event/feature that I'm organizing here at Nighttime Reading Center. It's for Autism, a cause I love to support. It's a book challenge called "Reading for Autism". You may have seen my banners in previous weeks. I have mentioned it since late in December of 2014.

I hope you decide to join me by participating. I would appreciate it very much. Both Laura Fabiani from iRead Book Tours and the author of Almost Perfect, Diane Daniels Manning will be supporting this event to raise funds for the Autism Foundation. Basically, for every book you read that is in some way related to Autism or Asperger's, you agree to donate a certain amount. You only need to read 1 book as the minimum and the amount you want to donate is up to you. It can be as small as $1 per book or feel free to be as generous as you like.

Our goal is to reach $200. You and even your family members are welcome to join and sign-up as well. Laura Fabiani will donate $1 for every sign up. Diane Daniels Manning will donate $5 for each "Almost Perfect" book bought through my and Laura Fabiani's blog.

So join us and help us support the Autism Foundation!

Thank you!

General Rules:

Minimum of 1 books must be Read
Choose the Best Level that fit you
You can donate $1 per book read
Family members can help with donate depending on how many books you read
You must donate an amount to the Charity though the Donate Page
You are more then welcome to Create your list before the event

You will be able to link your post up at the beginning of the month though a link up
At the end of the month you can write a wrap up post to the link up

Book List: Autism & Asperger's Books
Sign up Link: Autism & Asperger Sign up Post
Donation Page Link: Donate Page

Reading Names:

  1. Beginner Readers
  2. Average Readers
  3. Advance Readers
  4. Master Readers

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