Review & Product Policy

I do accept both Books and Products for review. Publicist, Authors, Book Tours, are able to contact me. Product company can do so as well. Please read the the correct policy so you understand what is accepted and what you can send me to review. The Product or Book must be free to me. You will need to send me the audio book code for me to get a copy to read your audio book unless you plan to send me a copy in the mail. The service give you is exposed and results.

My reviews are always fair and honest. I will not be influenced in the way my reviews are written. My reviews are my opinions and not all reviews are positive, there may be some negative reviews but I will be respectful to the author or authors regardless.

 Book Review Policy:

I will review books in E-books, Print Books, Audio-books. I will review certain genres. But that it does not mean I will not accept it. It will be up to me to decide if I want to or not. I will list them below for you. You will need to send me the audio-book code for me to get a copy to read your audio-book unless you plan to send me a copy in the mail.

For E-books - I accept Kindle format (Mobi) and Nook Format (Pdf). I have an account with Netgalley and Edelweiss.

For Audio-books: You will need to send me a copy of the audio-book or a code for audible for me to get the book to review

For Print Book: You need to contact me to get my mailing address to send me a copy of your book to review.

I will review these books:

  • Children Books, Including Board Books, Chapter Books
  • Young Adult
  • Picture Books
  • Middle Grade Books
  • Thrillers
  • Historical Fiction
  • Christian Fiction, Including Amish Fiction)
  • Mystery
  • Woman Fiction
  • Fiction
  • Science Fiction (Could be selective)
  • Wars, Battle of USA, World War, World War 2, Civil War
  • Time Travel
  • Fantasy (Selective)
  • Paranormal
  • Romance
Will not Accept:

  • Travel
  • Self Help
  • How To
  • Non Fiction (Very selective)
  • Erotica
    Nighttime Reading Center does accept Book Tours, Cover reveals. I will post your review on my blog, Consumer site, Goodreads, BookLikes, Riffle, LibraryThing and Smashbomb and Bookbub. They get Cross posted on Bloglovin, Twitter and Facebook. You can request a book review if you want to. There is a form to fill out or contact me Author Interview are also here as well. I will you can Request a Author Interview which is called "Interviews Around the Globe".  You can even ask for a Giveaway as well. I do book promotions on Nighttime Reading Center as well. I also will posting this on social media as well.

    Here is our Rating system Page. If you want to take a look at it and see how I rate books. This is what I use for all books at the moment. Though my blog is in progress of being updated with the proper blog images. The pages have been updated a bit. I believe they will always be in a form of work in progress.  If your review is not up on the blog you may contact me as to why. You will be linked up soon or later. This is the page to see our rating system.

    Product Review Policy:
    Products should be free to me and send a message or e-mail to me. A Product sent to me will be review on my blog. These Products will be reviewed by my honesty opinion where it good or bad. I have not by any means say it any hurtful or harmful to any authors or company or brand. Please be aware that all reviews will be posted with a rating system. My blog deals with Books of all kinds. The Product will be posted on your site under reviews (if Possible), and all or most of where the product is sold. I will also post to my social networks (Facebook, Twitter, Newsletter, RSS, Pinterest,) and others.

    You will need to send the product to me. I will review it. I will need time to play with the product and/or learn how it works. I will explain in the review about the good and the bad and Images of the product to show of the product. There is a form you will be able to fill out called "Product Review Form" or contact me by email.

    This is the list of product that will be acceptable for review on Nighttime Reading Center

    Products that will be accepted:
    1. Movies (DVDs, Blu-ray)
    2. TV Shows (DVDs, Blu-ray)
    3. Electronics
    4. Tech
    5. Gaming (Consoles, Digital, Physical Copy)
    6. Pets stuff
    I do not hand out information to anyone. I do have Privacy and Disclose Policy  If you have question you are welcome to send me an e-mail or use my Contact Form.


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