April 21, 2012

Review: A Place of Peace

Title of Book: A Place of Peace
Author: Amy Clipston
Genre: Fiction, Christian Fiction, Amish, Romance, Adult, Young Adult
Series: Kauffman Amish Bakery Series
Publisher: Zondervan
Pub Date: December 14st, 2010 (323 Pages, Paperback)
Book Source: Borrowed from the library
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Synopsis: from the Author website
Miriam Lapp returns to the Amish community she once belonged to when she hears of her mother's death. Amidst her grief and some painful lies from her past, she is forced to face the people who rejected her. Losing her once fiancé and being shunned by her father becomes an excruciating test of her faith. A Place of Peace is one story you won't soon forget.

My Thoughts on this book:
This book starts out with Miriam in Indiana and living with her cousin. She get a phone call from her sister about the mother. She then rushes home to Lancaster. When she arrives there she and her cousin stay with their aunt on the back of her father property.

Miriam is struggling to make amends with her father and also with Timothy. She finds out that her sister made lies for she was jealous of her older sister Miriam. Her father and the rest of the community blame her for the death of a child that died of SIDS.

She arrives home for the funeral of her mother's death. Her father makes it clear she not welcome. She hears that her past boyfriend has moved on and is marrying another girl. Does Miriam find the peace is seeking and get her love of her future? find out by reading. I recommend this book. Though I suggest that your read the earlier books first for this book refer to them a bit. "A Gift of Grace", "A Promise of Hope" are the two book before this book.

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