September 15, 2015

Guest Post with Clifton and Michelle Cottoms

Here is my Guest post with Clifton and Michelle Cottoms. They are the author of Asia's New Wings. This was the hardest to come put with Non Fiction questions for them in an Interview. So I asked to put it as a Guest Post to them. Thesere were the only Questions I could come up with for them to answer. They are here though a book tour +Laura Fabiani iRead Book Tours. Let welcome to Nighttime Reading Center.

1. What inspired you to write your little girl's story?
Asia’s New Wings: The Untold Story of a Young Girl Lost on 9/11 is a story about Asia’s life, passion, legacy and how to move on after experiencing lost on a world-wide platform. The book describes how a family turns the most tragic situation in our lives into an opportunity to immortalize Asia and educate a nation. We were motivated to write the book because many people keep telling us that we needed to share Asia’s story and many had no idea children were lost during the 9/11 terrorist attacks. Based on the feedback we have received the book seems to help people with their grief even if it’s not the grief of losing a child. We’ve been told that our strength is an example for others. Writing this book has helped us continue to heal and achieve receive some level of closure. We can better share Asia’s story with a peace which is hard to describe.

2. Did this book give you some peace and or closure?
We live each day one at a time. Losing a child is not normal so there will never be a “new normal” We live each day as it comes and we count our blessings. We keep Asia with us alive and well in our hearts, minds and our soul. We talk about her often and daily. It is not painful, it is thoughtful and on purpose Our memories are full of joy not the pain and sting of death.

3. What is your message to parents who have lost a child in death?
The bible says a peace that surpasses all understanding. We have learned to accept what God allows rather we like it or not. We have learned how to live on. We did not write the book for ourselves but to bring recognition to the ASC Memorial Scholarship Fund so that we could send more people to college. However we are fortunate that our accomplishments and the awareness from our book Asia’s New Wings have garnered us; we are the proud recipients of the 1st Readers Legacy Philanthropy Award.

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