February 26, 2016

Book Tour: Room for Hope and Giveaway

Book Title: Room for Hope
Author: Kim Vogel Sawyer
Publisher:  WaterBrook Press
Pub Date: February 16, 2016 (352 pages, Paperback)
Genres: Historical Fiction, Fiction, Christian Fiction, 1929-1945 Depression and WWII,
Disclaimer: I received this from a Jessica Lamb from Penguin Random house for free to give my own honesty review
Description: In the midst of the Great Depression, Neva Shilling has her hands full caring for her teenage twins and keeping up the Shilling Mercantile while her husband Warren travels to neighboring communities to sell goods. Then a wagon pulls up one evening, carrying three children and a deputy with news that will change her life forever. Warren and his wife have passed away, requesting on their death beds that their children go to live with “aunt” Neva. Neva’s heart is shattered to learn of her husband’s secret life. How can she care for three children who remind her daily of Warren’s betrayal? But how can she abandon innocent children to an orphanage?
Based on true events from Sawyer’s family history, Room for Hope is a beautiful story of God’s powerful redemptive work in the midst of struggle, betrayal, and heartbreak.

This book is about a woman who finds out something about her husband. Her twins, Bud, and Belle have their parts in this story as well.

Arthur has parts in this story. We see a lot of people have shown their feelings and how it is is hard to hold on to faith. Each member shows their true colors. Or will they show mercy towards the woman?

Will the truth be brought open? To find out you will need to read the story. It's quite a heartfelt story. It made me cry a little bit. Kim Vogel Sawyer has done it once again. She brought the story to life. I have been affected while reading it. I felt like I was in the town of Buffalo Creek. Seeing the struggles Nava went through with her twins Bud, and Belle along with Charley, Cassie, and Adeline.

There are many different secrets that will be revealed. Her husband held many secrets that show up until he has died.

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