April 4, 2016

Would a worm go for a walk?

Book Title: Would a Worm Go on a Walk?
Author: Hannah C Hall
Publisher: Ideals Children's Books
Pub Date: 4/5/16 (32 Pages, Hardcover)
Genres: Children,
Disclaimer: I received this from Leeannan and WorthyPub for an honesty review.
Description: A comical picture book about the unique qualities of various creatures and how they were planned to be just that way by a loving, wise Creator.

 This is wonderful book for young children.  This picture book is great for parent to read to their children and have them a laugh. The pictures are down well. It show what god has for as all. We are made for different things.

Children will love this for themselves and see have fun reading this story. You learn that creatures are planned that way and is love them that way.

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