May 27, 2016

Product Review: IAMS™ Dog Food (Smiley360)


Product: IAMS™ ProActive Health™ Adult MiniChunks
Brand: IAMS
Disclaimer: I received this product free with a discounted coupon that was sent to me for an honesty review. +Smiley360 Community
Description: IAMS Minichunks nourishes your active dog with essential nutrients and prebiotics for a healthy body inside and out—in a smaller-sized tasty kibble he’ll love.
Age Group: Adult
Your Smiley Kit contains:
  • IAMS™ Dog Food Full Value Coupon (redeemable at Dollar General) 
  • IAMS™ Dog Food Bowl 
  • Smiley Sharing Guide 
A healthy dog is a visibly happy dog. Try an IAMS™ diet and look for the visible difference that IAMS™quality food can make.



 They mean what they say. If you want a healthy dog, IAMS is a good brand for them. The brand deals with all age groups from puppy up to senior dogs. That's what I trust Iams Dog Food for my dog growing up from puppy to senior.

I liked that the fact that the packages are different colors for the different ages. That they make the product that is needed for that age in a dog. Making it important for the group like the adult dog may need something a senior does not need much of but is designed for that dog or puppy age bracket.

Yes, I would recommend this product to family and friends if that's what they are looking for with their dog or puppy.

I am not sure. I am only using the sample that got. It really depends on how well my dog enjoys it and would eat it. If it were worth it to buy it. I received this product for free with a coupon.
For more information about IAMS™ Dog Food check out their website.
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