January 1, 2017

Maya Rudolph Tells you How it is

You don’t need fragrances on your tampon. Watch the video below and share with others!
Seventh Generation believes you have the right to know what's in the products you buy and that includes your feminine hygiene products. Tampons and pads do not need fragrances and deodorants to be effective; then why is the industry adding them to your feminine products and not disclosing what is in them? You should have the right to know what you are using on your most sensitive areas.
Join Seventh Generation in its mission for transparency on pack and get the industry to #ComeClean about its ingredients.
Sweepstakes: 200 members will win FREE Seventh Generation organic cotton tampons
For each share using the Generation Good community sharing tools, you will be entered into a drawing for a free full size pack of Seventh Generation Organic Cotton Tampons to try or to pass on to a friend!
Have you already accepted this activity and shared? You are automatically entered into the drawing, but please sign back in and share some more! Each share earns you one more entry while you help get the word out about a very important topic for women via this hysterically funny and eye opening video.  
For full sweepstakes rules click here
1. SHARE the video using your sharing tools below, and let the women (and men) in your lives know about the lack of transparency on ingredient lists.
2. Visit seventhgeneration.com/comeclean to read more and take additional action!

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