October 7, 2017

Review: English River: Amish Horses by Thomas Nye

Book Title: English River: Amish Horses 
Author: Thomas Nye
Genres: Horses, Amish,
Series: Amish Horses book #3
Publisher: Crosslink Publishing
Publish Date:  2016-08-24 (274 Pages, Paperbook)
Disclaimer: I reviewed this book for free. Thanks to BookCrush for allowing me to review for an honest review
Description: Our fast-paced world pulls us in many directions. Amid the stress and confusion of life, take a break and experience the gentle grace found in Amish country. Let your soul be refreshed as you drink in the sounds, scenery, and values held by the lovable characters of English River. This close-knit community seems to be from days gone by, but Amish farms are alive and well just down the road from our noisy cities. In Book III of the acclaimed Amish Horses Series, Thomas Nye's writing artfully takes you there like a warm cup of tea on a rainy day.
English River is about a young man who is thinking of becoming Amish. He got a girlfriend and works on his uncle farm. What will his decision be? He as an English friend named Johnny and he a has a wife and soon to be a father.

In the process of thinking and work, he finds out a lot about himself and his uncle family. There he seems to make travel this English River theory that his Uncle Leroy must think and advice. He wants to find his friends brother and find out the reason for why he left the Amish and his family behind.

He also wants finds Davey. What will his friends and girlfriend do to make him understand, that she will go wherever he goes. Whatever lifestyle he chooses his love will follow. To find out what he decides and his friends do and how it ends you will need to read the book.

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