November 24, 2017

Review: The Ghost of Mavis

Book Title: The Ghost of Mavis
Author: Mary Lynn Plaisance
Genres: Fiction, Ghosts, Romance, Paranormal Romance,
Publisher: CreateSpace Independent Publishing
Publish Date: 2017-04-11 (166 Pages, Paperback)
Disclaimer: I received this book from the author for an honest review. I found it on AuthorDen and my opinion of the book is not influenced by the author or publisher. My thoughts are my own
Description: Mavis dies at the age of 88. She’s waiting at the Pearly Gates again, but this time she’s in a wedding dress. She doesn't know why she's young. "Am I a ghost, again?" she asked her angel, and Danson replied to her, "Yes, Mavis, you’re a ghost again, until you find the person you were destined to marry after Charlie died. You missed your lick. You didn’t fulfill your destiny as Mavis in this life. You need to go back as a ghost until you find James Windsor. Your earth angel Anna will help you. There’s a little girl who is waiting for you here in Heaven. Follow Mavis on her journey to find her second soul mate.

The Ghost of Mavis had me intuited by wanting to know what it was about. Was it a mother that died with a young girl. There a mystery to it that you are pondering from the minute you start reading.

Mavis shows up at the Pearly gates in a wedding dress. Why and what reason. Mary Lynn Plaisance write the story well. This is her first book, that I have read. She leaves you guessing and pondering about a little girl. Who is this little girl and what is she waiting for? All we know at the beginning Mavis as died and is at the age of 88. What her angels tell her is, that she miss her lick and was to marry again.

Mavis is confused but are we as well? She also wonders why she wears a wedding dress. She wants to go back to earth to be born into a rich family. When she goes to ask, her angels she's going back to earth on a mission. To do that she will go back as a ghost and her angel Anna will help her until she finds this James Windsor.

You start to wonder what life is after death. Where do we go? Is it a belief that we reincarnate back to our family or do we stay in haven. That you will have to decide. Mary does a splendid job with this and talking about the afterlife. I would suggest if you enjoy paranormal fan or even a little mystery fan this is a good book to read. I recommend it to read.

The book is well written and few mistakes. I believe a may have caught one mistake in the entire book. It was probably one that got the word misplaced not even spell wrong when editing, it wonderful. I hope to read more by Mary Lynn Plaisance.

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