December 21, 2017

Review: The Christmas Gate

Book Title: The Christmas Gate
Author: T. A. Cline
Genres: Holiday, Christmas, Christian, Christian Fiction
Publisher: CreateSpace Independent Publishing
Publish Date: 2017-01-27 (102 Pages, Paperback)
Disclaimer: I received this book from the author and Authors Den for an honest review
Description: Robert Robinson, a renown author from New York City, is traveling unwillingly through a snow storm on his way to a small farm in upstate New York owned by his editor. Robert's fame from the success of his books has changed him. His indulgence in big-city parties and being in the spotlight has allowed his arrogance to swell and for him to lose focus of his obligations. Now, being excessively late on the third book of a three book contract, he is given an ultimatum. He can either face legal action from his publisher or take one last chance to finish his book away from all the big-city distractions. Patty has her own issues, dealing with the memories of her late husband. Always at the edge of depression, she somehow remains visibly strong and in control of her emotions, despite her internal turmoil. WhilePatty's father is away to be with a dying friend, she assumes the responsibility of caring for the old farm owned by the New York editor. Robert is oblivious to Christmas and all that goes along with it. His parents loved Christmas, but he hadn't spoken with them in over eight years after their argument. Over the years, he has slowly disconnected from everything that reminded him of them. Christmas just became a day for a bigger party. While at the old farm house, Robert discovers something that has been hidden there for possibly generations. What secrets lay just beyond an old screeching gate? Will the miracle of Christmas find its way to Robert? Find out in the story, "The Christmas Gate." From the AuthorAdd
The Christmas Gate is a sweet and memorable story. It is only part 1 of a two-part story. I like the concept. I know it deals with candles mostly. I like T.A. Cline idea to use seven Christmas Candles. It gave me a feeling of “The Christmas Carol” only done a bit differently. I enjoyed it.

Ray has seven different visions. They all mean something different and show different things. I loved it. I can't wait for the next part to come out to read it. T.A. Cline writes this plot well. My favorite and best part are the Christmas candles and how they show up even when Ray put them away.

I would love to tell you more but why tell the story when you can read it yourself. I like the concept of how the gate opens and gives Ray a vision for seven nights. There a big surprise at the end and something you do not expect.

What are the candles and what do they mean? There appears to be a vision for each, and a color for each candle it represents. Hopefully, Ray and you seem to understand the mysterious box that Ray finds?

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