February 24, 2018

Book Tour: Megan's Munchkins

Middle Grade Fiction
Date Published: September 12, 2017
Publisher: Sonny’s Legacy Publishing

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Not everything hidden in the closet is scary, even if it’s furry and has sharp claws! Every teenager’s dream come true and every parent’s worst nightmare, Megan’s Munchkins is a short and sweet tale about a middle-school girl finding, quite by accident, the pet she had always wanted. Plus three more! It’s almost Spring break and adventurous thirteen-year-old Megan Thompson finds four tiny day-old kittens in the park and makes a decision on the spot that will turn her life upside-down. What does a young girl do who has been told by her parents over and over again that she may not have a pet? In Megan’s mind, there is no question. She must save these motherless newborns, even if it means keeping them a secret from her mom and dad. The next five weeks are an exhausting blur of vet visits, endless cycles of feeding schedules, household chores, homework and sneaking around, but Megan has never been happier in her whole life. The kittens grow quickly and begin to venture out into the world beyond the closet. Megan knows it is only a matter of time before she must tell her parents about her secret. Fate steps in and her secret is discovered. What will happen to her precious babies now?

Megan continued eating her breakfast, as her mind focused on her plan.  Her dad’s question brought her back to the present, “Do you have much homework to do?”  Homework!  Yes, I will say I have tons of homework!  I can stay with the kittens for sure with that excuse.  Megan blurted out the first assignment she could think of, “I have a book report due after spring break, so I’ll be finishing reading the book and doing the report.”  Her mom asked, “Are you enjoying the book?  What are you reading?”  Megan quickly answered with the first title she thought of and added, “It took me awhile to get into it, but now I’m enjoying it.”  Her parents seemed satisfied with her responses. Megan really wanted to let the conversation end. She had to get back upstairs to her babies, but she wasn’t going to leave the table without finishing her plan.  “Can I help you with the yard work this morning, Dad?”  Her dad looked surprised, so it took him a moment before he answered,“I can’t refuse an offer like that.”  “I can clean out the garage too this week if you’d like.”  “You really are serious about a pet, aren’t you?”  “Yes.”  “Alright, you can do the mowing today, and clean the garage this week. We’ll see how that goes, before I give you any other chores.”  “Thanks, Dad.  I’ll do it.”  Megan quickly cleared her plate, and excused herself from the table, before she was forced to lie              again.   As Megan hurried upstairs, she thought,​Alright, my parents see a change in me already. I will have them convinced I can handle a pet after this week. Not having to hide the kittens will make working during spring break worth it.  Back in her room, Megan mixed up the kitten formula, and decided it was time to settle on their names. ​Mom’s right, the kittens won’t change personality based on their names. I know just what their names will be.  Megan grab bed the light grey tiger-striped kitten, the only girl, to feed first. Megan glanced at her list of names as the kitten suckled. “I like Daisy and Misty for you. I almost added Pumpkin, but you are not orange so that doesn't fit you. I think I am going to name you Misty, since you are the color of a foggy morning.”  Megan kissed the top of Misty’s head gently as she replaced her in the box.  She picked up the solid gray kitten next to feed. As he suckled, she talked softly, “Now for you, little boy. I am considering Cosmo and Gizmo. ”Megan stared at him thoughtfully for a minute and continued, “I am going to name you Gizmo. It’s unique, and you are unique because you don’t have tiger-stripes like your siblings.”

Megan cuddled Gizmo gently before replacing him in the box. Megan then picked up the larger of the two black and brown tiger-striped kittens. She got him started on his bottle and said,“Now for you, little guy, I am torn between Petey and Harley. I really like both names, but I think Petey is the one that best suits you.  So, you will be Petey.”  Megan finished caring for Petey and with a meow of protest, into the box he went with his siblings.  Megan lifted the tiny black and brown tiger-striped kitten onto her lap. As he started drinking, Megan said, “You are definitely the smallest. I know exactly what I am going to call you. I know I had Simba on the list for you,but that
is not right. The name for you is Chip.” Chip stopped eating for a moment, and gave her a little mew, as if he was quite content with his new name.  She felt happily satisfied as she put Chip back in with the others. Yes,her kittens now had names and her parents were impressed with her initiative. Megan was pleased with the way her plan was working so far. She knew she had more obstacles to overcome, but for now, Megan focused her attention on her kittens. She spent time talking to and cuddling the kittens. It was fun to talk to them, now that she could call them by name. If how they were raised was going to affect their personality, Megan would be the best mom she could be to her babies.  She would raise these kittens to be the sweetest, friendliest cats ever.  With the kitten snapping in their box next to her, Megan’s turned her attention to her research on kitten care. The sound of the garage door going up pulled Megan away from the computer twenty minutes later. She knew her dad was expecting her outside, so she offered the bottle to each kitten before heading to the yard.   She didn't mind mowing the lawn or doing the dusting and vacuuming. She smiled to herself as she worked. I have new pets to care for. This spring break will be perfect. I just have to prove to my parents that I can handle the responsibility.  The time passed quickly and soon it was time to feed the kittens again.  After lunch, as her mom left to go shopping with Stacey, Megan retreated to her room. She pulled the kitten’s box from her closet. She researched kitten care on her laptop and spent time with her babies. Megan was grateful that her dad had brought some work home with him. The fact that he was busy in the kitchen while she was upstairs, meant she wasn’t forced to lie any more. ​I have only had the kittens twenty-four hours and I have had to lie during every conversation.
​ With her parents working next week, Megan would have endless time with her babies with no sneaking around.   I just have to get through tonight and tomorrow, she thought.  At dinner that night, Megan listened to her parents talk.  “Stacey and I found the cutest onesies on sale today. We got one with a monkey and another with a dump truck. I can’t wait to take pictures of our grandson in all these clothes. Aren’t you excited to be a​ ​grandparent, honey?”
“Mm-hm,”her dad answered absent mindedly​. “I still can’t believe they moved the deadline upon us. They expect us to have the same hundred-page report done two weeks earlier.”   Megan’s dad had been with the same company for as long as Megan could remember. The small                                   amount of gray that now peppered his brown hair made him look distinguished and fit with his title  of account manager.  With the conversation not focused on her, Megan’s thoughts wandered. ​I’ve always said I’d have a house full of pets when I grew up. Now, I don’t have to wait anymore to have pets.
​ When dinner was over, Megan moved quickly as she helped clear the table and load the dishwasher.  Back in her room, she smiled as she fed her four hungry babies. Once they were back asleep,               Megan left the box on her bed and went back to her laptop, to continue reading about raising kittens.   Suddenly, there was a knock on the door.  Megan startled, and quickly slid the kitten box under the bed.  “I’m working, come in.”   Her mom peered into her room and froze. Her mouth partially opened in disbelief. “Your room looks great, sweetie.” She came in and looked around, “Your clothes are hung up and folded. The trash is off the floor, and everything is organized.  I’m very impressed.”  Megan said, “Thanks, Mom, I’m trying.” Megan’s heart pounded in her ears, and she silently prayed that the kittens would stay quiet.  Her mom nodded. “I came up here to see if you wanted to watch a movie with Dad and me.”  Megan usually would have jumped at the chance for a movie night with her parents. It meant her dad’s delicious popcorn and getting to pick a movie off pay-per-view. But tonight Megan was                               consumed with learning about raising the kittens, and she didn't want to stop. “I’d like to, Mom,but  I just started working on my computer.”  “Okay,” her mom said, looking around the room one last time.“Come say good night before you go to bed.”  “I will,” Megan replied.  Her mom left the room and Megan grabbed the box from under the bed. She checked on the kittens who were still sound asleep. She sighed and collapsed on the bed, whispering to her four babies, “That was close.”  She continued working on researching kitten development for a while before taking a shower. She fed the kittens again.  ​So cute and tiny, she thought to herself as they drank.  It was now after 9 p.m., so she ran downstairs to say goodnight to her parents.   When she returned to her room, all four kittens were awake, so she offered them all the bottle again. She put the box on the floor next to her bed, as she got up to turn off the lights. As she crawled under the covers, she whispered, “Good night, babies.  See you in the morning.”

Megan’s Munchkins was adorable. Though it did something some books rarely do. That is the fact we get to learn about kitten care though not like we are getting bogged down with information all the time like a kitten book.

It as if Megan want to prove to her parents that can take care of a pet. Though she makes mistakes along the way. We see she how she changes and that of her parents. She afraid to tell her parents that she found them.

Will Megan's fear over rule and or will she tell her parents. We see her determination and struggle to want to tell her parents. She doe take on the responsibility of the kittens. She know she want them to live and not die.

Her family does not know other then her brother. Though will she face and accept the mistakes and learn from them. You will need to find out by reading. Her parents see the changes but they get a little upset when they find out what she been hiding.

About the Author

Pamela Foland grew up in Plano, Texas. Her love of animals started at a very young age. As a child, she was constantly bringing home stray dogs, and injured birds. She graduated from the University of Texas at Dallas with Bachelor of Science in Biology and a minor in Business in 2005. As an adult, her love of animals has only grown stronger. Pamela has worked in numerous pet hotels as a dog trainer and is certified to teach pet first aid and CPR. All her experience with pets culminated four years ago when Pamela found and raised an abandoned litter of day-old kittens. Not able to part with any of these now-grown babies, Pamela enjoys going home to her ‘little munchkins’ every night. This experience gave Pamela the inspiration for her series debut, Megan’s Munchkins. Pamela will always have a special affinity with Megan, because of their shared experiences. There are few experiences in life more compelling than saving the life of another being.

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