March 31, 2018

Monthly Wrap up: March

March has really flown on by with Rain and snow this year. It was not all that much of month that signals Spring as Begin. This year Spring came on March 20th. It was still snowing and raining. Mach was a cold one this year. Will we get spring this year? April will tell. We had Good Friday this past Friday in the month. So Easter is Tomorrow.

I seem of hit the middle for this month. I have read only a total of 5 books this month. That seems like the middle since it 2 Books down from February. Here the list for this month.

Book Read in March:
  1. Lone Wolf Lawman by Delores Fossen
  2. ICE by Lauren Carr
  3. The Cooking Class: The Celebration by Wanda E. Brunstetter
  4. The Study of Silence by Malia Zaidi
  5. Who the Bishop Knows by Vannetta Chapman
So for the month of March, I have read a total of 1,834 Pages. You can see what my total for the month by book below.

Total Pages by book for March:
  1. Lone Wolf Lawman - 224 Pages
  2. ICE - 359 Pages
  3. The Cooking Class: The Celebration - 320 Pages
  4. The Study of Silence - 579 Pages
  5. Who the Bishop Knows - 352 Pages
So Far for the 2018, the Total Pages Read is 4,328 Pages. That is a total of 3 months of this year. Take look at the total per month below.

Total Pages Per Month:
  1. January - 1,135 Total Pages
  2. February - 1,359 Total Pages
  3. March - 1,834 Pages
So Far as of 2018 the Total Books Read are 16 Books.

Total Books Per Month:

  1. January - 4 Books
  2. February - 7 Books
  3. March - 5 Books

What was written and posted in March. Some of the books were read in 2017 and that is way you are see them posted in March of 2018 as for I choose those dates for the tours. You will that I have Reviews that will be posted this year that go to book that were read before 2018. Though I am trying to keep up with current reviews with book read this year there are some from back log. I just did not get to write the review. They will be marked.

Want to see all the wraps so far. Take a look Below at the list.

2018 Monthly Wrap Up:
  1. January
  2. February
Would you like to see Images or graphics or is my Wrap up okay the way it is?
Happy Easter !

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