January 15, 2019

Book Review: A House for A Mouse

Book Title: A House for a Mouse
Author: Rebecca Westberg
Genre: Children, Animals, Mice,
Publisher: Create Space
Publisher Date: August 28, 2010 (24 Pages, Paperback)
ISBN: 978-1450511421
Disclaimer: I believe i got this book free though a book request
to review. My review is honest

Facing danger, two hungry mice, Whiskers and Cheesepuff, concoct a plan to live in harmony with a house full of humans.

The story of the two mice is a sweet one. Though it really does not really have much of a story to it. The story is how to get a house for a mouse. I like it but it not much of a story. The author does a wonderful job with the pictures in telling the story to a point.

The pictures could be down a bit more. There is not much of adventure to this story. The development of the characters is not there much. This need some work. This is best for children under the age of 7. Children that can read will be able to read it. It good for young children a bit for the picures for children under 5.

The author would have told the story as how the owner of the home came about and then found the mice or mouse and had a bit more of an adventure to how it ends. I say this book would have gotten a better rating. It an okay book to me. Maybe to you it will be better for you. You decide if you want it for your children or not. Like I said it an okay book. Great for children.

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