February 20, 2019

Sponsored Post: Smashbomb Review

 Are you a reviewer or want to be one. We this site is new and as been the best by far. They update this site regularly. You can be any reviewer you want. If you review Movies you can though this site, if you are book reviewer you can, If you review other like apps or music you can do so here. If you are not able yet do not fret as it probably in works to be added.
Here a is  description of there site that they gave me for my blog: 

Smashbomb is a social network for reviews by reviewers, critics, fanatics and anybody else with an opinion on anything. The ambition of Smashbomb is to create a platform where you can ‘Review the World’.
Smashbomb also offers user-lists, ongoing Giveaways, Orbs (a bit like Facebook groups), leaderboards and a intuitive points system (called ‘Kudos Points’).
Some of the things you can do on their site is make lists. You make just about any list you want. You can event add your book if it not listed and you get Kudos Points for that. I am a member of this site and have mentioned it quite a bit. They reached out to me to partner up with them. I will focus on the book part of my review of the site. This is not the only thing you can review.

List of all that can be reviewed on Smashbomb:
  • APPs
  • Books (my review is based on)
  • Movies
  • Music
  • Podcasts
  • TableTop Games
  • Tech
  • TV
  • Video Games
  • Videos
List of reviews to be coming to Smashbomb:
I think Smashbomb is the next best thing out here. It a site where we can review just about everything under one profile. I have been using my membership and posting reviews of books mostly on there.

The books are add daily or as soon as possible. If a book is not listed on here I add it myself. I have done this for several new and popular authors. I get points for doing so. If I get enough Kudos points I can enter giveaways like books or other things that can be reviewed on Smashbomb.
I can recommend books to other readers or other reviewers out there. Meet new reviewers or book reviewers. I love it. If you are a blogger or reviewer of music this site is good for you as well. Book lovers, music, tv, movie you can review is all or soon. There is easy sign up and you do it free.

I have put books on here for authors and rate them as well as put your own review on there. You can also follow other members on the site.

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