April 12, 2019

ARC Book Review: Counter Punch by Patrice Willaims Marks

Book Title: Counter Punch
Author: Patrice Williams Marks
Genre: Crime, Kidnapping, Thriller, Mystery, Adult
Publisher: Circa Publishing
Published Date: 2019-04-04 (150 Pages, E-book)
Law Abiding Citizen meets The Brave One in this mother of all revenge stories with a twist ending.

What lengths would you go to if the unthinkable happened to your child?

Everyone is capable of murder.

Everest was not the perfect mom, but what she was was fierce. After her husband Anthony died at the hands of a drunk driver, it was up to her to raise their daughter Mo alone.

Her love for Mo was both unmistakable and unshakable.

But when Mo failed to return home from swim practice with not so much as a text, Everest knew something was wrong.

Will Everest find Mo in time to save her life? Better still, what will she do to the scumbag that brutalized her daughter?

Disclaimer: I received a ARC of the book as I am on the launch team and for an honest review
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Counter Punch is a really short story to me. What you do if you were a mother and something happened to your daughter. How much would you do to protect your daughter? Well this story kind put that mother and daughter relationship to the test.

We also learn that Mo is struggling with not only the loss of her dad but on top of that we get hear about an assault on Mo. Her mother is worried and knows something is wrong when her daughter do not come home after 3 hours of waiting.

We are some what left in the dark as to who exactly attacked Mo? How it ends you will be surpised to no end. It leaves you wondering did Mo's mother help or did she kill the wrong man? The cops seem to have hunch but is it right?

The author does have us hang on to find out what happens next. I would suggest this book for children at least be ages 15 and up. Though I am only suggesting that and it is really up to the parents of the child or children. They can decide for themselves. This book has death and crime and like I said an assault.

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