August 31, 2019

Monthly Wrap up: August 2019

August is done. Kids are either just started school or are about to after Labor day. This month was a bit better in reading for me. Though I was getting ready for a wedding that will be tomorrow. I am happy with that.

I am watching my NFL team. I did watch each preseason game. With football season starting up soon for the NFL. My weekends or evening when my Pittsburgh Steelers are playing, I will be watching them. I am glad to see that they went 3-1 for the pre-season. Though I know it mostly for new players and see who will make the 53 man roster for 2019. Will the regular season starting in less then a week. I hope all football fans the best of luck with their teams.

I have am currently in a middle of a book. Getting ready for the football season and for the trip down to where the wedding going to be. I am also working on my spreadsheet that is called Reading Log. I will share it with my followers and other bloggers and book bloggers once I it been checked over.

Still working on backlog of reviews I got the blog post ready. Will just need to write the reviews for them. They are for book read during 2009 through 2011 or before i started my blog. I did post some but none this month. I hope to create a blog post and share the google spreadsheet that I created and will help some bloggers be able to keep track of some their stats and books read over the years in one spreadsheet. This is work in progress at the moment. I have 2019 though 2014 Book Logs and stats up to date and entered. Still got to work adding the tabs for 2013 and 2012 for me that will added and then probably shared after that. More on the spreadsheet when I create the blog post about it.

Books Read in August:

  1. The Healing Jar By Wanda E. Brunsetter
  2. The Root of Murder by Lauren Carr (Book Tour / Review coming out October 21)
  3. Great and Small Prayers for Babies by BH Kids
  4. Night Night Bible Stories by Amy Parker
  5. The Inn at Hidden Run by Olivia Newport
My books really fell in 4 different genres for this month. They are in 3 different media categories I believe as well. They will be shown below.

Books by Genre:

  1. Children - 2 Books
  2. Mystery - 1 Book
  3. Romance - 1 Book
  4.  Historical Fiction - 1 Book

Books by Media Categories:

  1. Paperback - 3 Books
  2. Board Book - 1 Book
  3. Hard Cover - 1 Book
I have read a total of 1,093 Pages, for the month of August. I finally am back to reading around what I think I can for a month. I am getting ready for wedding for tomorrow but I will only be traveling for a day and coming back the next day.  The total for 2019 is 6,719 Pages and 34 Hours of Listening.

Books by Pages Total:

  1. The Healing Jar - 320 Pages
  2. The Root of Murder - 297 Pages
  3. Great and Small Prayers for Babies - 12 Pages
  4. Night Night Bible Stories - 208 Pages
  5. The Inn at Hidden Run - 256 Pages

Total Pages by Month:

  1. January - 1,530 Pages
  2. February - 532 Pages
  3. March - 1,390 Pages
  4. April - 363 Pages, (about 16 Hours, Listening)
  5. May - 368 Pages, (about 10 Hours, Listening)
  6. June -  995 Pages
  7. July - 448 Pages, (about 8 Hours, Listening)
  8. August - 1,093 Pages

Total books by Month:

  1. January - 8 Books
  2. February - 2 Books
  3. March - 5 Books
  4. April - 4 Books
  5. May - 2 Books
  6. June - 3 Books
  7. July - 2 Book
  8. August - 5 Books
Favorite Book of the Month: 
You can check out my review of The Inn at Hidden Run
Want to Check out the site for alerts on this series - Tree of Life
Want to buy: Amazon

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- Backlog of Reviews (3 Reviews) 2011 though 2017

 Here is everything that been posted for the year. Some things have been will be posted later then when I read the book or reviewed it. Most cases this is when a book is on tour with me. The Book review may be posted later or a month or so done the line. I will gladly mark these when I read the book so you know.


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