March 29, 2020

Book Review: The Mysterious Music Box

Book Title: The Mysterious Music Box
Author: Alba Arango
Series: The Decoders #4
Publisher: Sapphire Books
Publisher Date: November 12, 2018 (188 Pages, Paperback)
Genres: Children, Fiction, Mystery, Young adult, Middle Grade
Steve, Matt, and Jenny thought their new case would be a cinch. They were wrong.

What starts out as a search for a stolen music box quickly turns into a dangerous hunt when the three detectives discover the dark and mysterious history of the music box and a secret that could lead them to a fortune of long-lost gold from World War II.

As the trio delves deeper into the mystery, they encounter two nefarious thieves, both willing to do anything to get their hands on the missing gold, including eliminating the competition. Racing against time, the trio must figure out the meaning of a clue left behind by a dying man in order to keep the music box, and the gold, out of the hands of the deadly treasure hunters.
Disclaimer: I received a free copy from the author for an honest review. My options are my own.
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The mysterious Music box is a well-hidden game of lost and find. Though it not all easy to find the music box. There seems to be a reason for two other people trying to find this music box that belongs to a friend from school.

Though why would someone want to break in and take a music box that has nothing in it. There seem to be quite a bit of people wanting Rosa music box. Could there be something inside the box that can solve a mystery of some treasures that came from world war II Germany?

There seem to be two other people that are trying to find this music box. What could be so special about it? If you enjoy riddles and puzzles, then this book and series are for you. If you are looking for a good series or book for your children of middle-grade schoolers this is it. These books are good for them and they will learn a little bit as they read.

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