March 19, 2021

Book Review: The Robin's Greeting

Book Title:
The Robin's Greeting
Author: Wanda E. Brunstetter
Genres: Amish, Amish Fiction, Mystery, Christian Fiction
Series: Amish Greenhouse Mystery #3
Publisher: Shiloh Run Press
Publisher Date: March 1 , 2021 (320 Pages, Paperback)
A Season of Hope Is Coming 

For the past two years Belinda King, along with her two grown daughters and teenage son, has been struggling to keep the family greenhouse running. Despite disconcerting events that have threatened to put them out of business, they have survived two growing seasons. And now Belinda can focus on the two suitors vying for her attention. Herschel Fisher, a new acquaintance, makes her feel relaxed, and Monroe Esh, an admirer from her past, reminds her of her youth.

But just when Belinda thinks she can choose between her suitors, life throws more trials her way. Her son, Henry, becomes bitter about the idea of her dating anyone. Her daughter-in-law finds her missing mother. Belinda gets sick. And attacks on the greenhouse start again.

When can Belinda hope to experience the peace and love her weary heart longs for?
Declaimer: I received a free Copy of this book from the publisher for an honest review. My opinions of this book are my own.
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The Robin's Greeting is another beautiful story. It continues the King Family's story and how they get past the loss of their three love ones. This book focuses on Belinda and her two suitors. But there seems that there is more to the mystery of who is vandalizing the greenhouse.

There are quite some events that happen for Belinda's two grown daughters. Henry still seems to be grieving the loss of this father and older brother and brother-in-law Toby. But will he find some happiness in this life?

Michelle and her husband seem to come down to spend time with his family. Will Michelle find her mother? There seem to be complete surprises at every turn. Virginia seems pretty upset with her neighbors that live across the street. Will the Martin's ever warm up to the Kings or the Amish?

Virginia seems lonely and upset to be still living in the Amish country. Is there a reason for the Martins to have gotten the house next door and close the greenhouse? Who could be the one that is vandalizing the greenhouse and making Henry go looking for the person responsible for all the attacks on the King's greenhouse? Oh, how this ends and surprises at the end.

Suppose you want to find out how Michelle becomes Belinda King's daughter-in-law. How she became Amish, you should read "The Prayer Jars" series. Its first book is called "The Hope Jar." I have reviewed each one of these books.

Wanda does it again with this book. This series is just as good as "The Prayer Jars." I enjoyed each one of these books in this series, "Amish Greenhouse Mystery." Will they solve the mystery that is going on at their greenhouse? What up with Maude coming to the greenhouse and up to the King's place? I enjoyed the titles of each of these books as well.

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