May 20, 2012

Review: Reckless Heart

Title of Book: Reckless Heart
Author: Amy Clipston
Genre: Amish, Fiction, Romance, Adult, Christian Fiction, Young Adult, Illness
Series: Kauffman's Amish Bakery
Publisher: Zondervan
Pub Date: April 17, 2012 (Paperback, 272 Pages)
Book Source: E-book
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Synopsis: is from Author Website
Lydia Bontrager's youngest sister is frighteningly ill, and as a good Amish daughter, it falls to Lydia to care for her siblings and keep the household running, in addition to working as a teacher's assistant and helping part time at her grandmother's bakery. Succumbing to stress, Lydia gives in to one wild night and returns home drunk.

The secret of that mistake leaves Lydia feeling even more restless and confused, especially when Joshua, the only boy she's ever loved, becomes increasingly distant. When a non-Amish boy moves in nearby, Lydia finds someone who understands her, but the community is convinced Lydia is becoming too reckless. With the pressures at home and her sister's worsening condition, a splintering relationship with Joshua, and her own growing questions over what is right, Lydia could lose everything that she's ever held close.

My Thoughts on this Book:
I truly fell that his it a good read. You learn about Lydia youngest sister Ruthie and Lydia struggles. You may to start crying while reading this book. I now I did. I felt like i was a part of the story myself. We also meet the  Kauffman's Family.

We meet some of the Kauffman Family member from the Kauffman's Amish Bakery series. This story is about the Elizabeth and Eli granddaughter Lydia Bontrager.

Lydia starts out with being stressed out about her little sister illness. She makes several mistakes and she starts to understand a bit. Her parents are stressed out as well about their youngest daughter and what she might have.

Lydia works two jobs. One is at her grandmothers bakery, the other is as teacher assistant to the Amish Primary School in her district. You will have to read to find out what happens to her and if she get her dream and what job she chooses for full time. I do recommend this book all readers young and old. This book can stand along a bit. Though if you want to get to know the rest of the Kauffman's Family I suggest that you read the "Kauffman's Amish Bakery" series.

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