July 28, 2012

Blogger Hop #11

Question: What is one thing that your blog readers probably do not know about you?
My Answer: I am an only child. I  really enjoy other things other then Reading. For one thing I enjoy Camping and nature. I would enjoy Riding my bike  or hanging out with friends. Most of all I enjoy Sports epecisically Pro Football and Hockey and little Baseball. Pro Football take my Sunday during the Fall for I root for my home team "Pittsburgh Steelers" and Root for my "Pittsburgh Penguins" and finally I root for my "Pittsburgh Pirates". I am hoping to go to my favorite and beloved Steelers Training Camp. I root for them all the time that doe not mean that if the playoffs comes around that if my Team not there guess what I root for another team but my home team comes first and foremost when rooting for Football team. I will watch other pro football teams as well.

Though Most of the these hobbies are what would love doing and I enjoy each one just the same.


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