October 3, 2012

Review: A Season of Love

Book Title: A Season of Love
Author: Amy Clipston
Genres: Amish, Amish Fiction, Fiction, Christian Fiction, Romance, Series
Series: Kauffman Amish Bakery #5
Publisher: Zondervan
Pub Date: September 12, 2012
Book Source: Borrowed from the Library

In the fifth and final novel of the Kauffman Amish Bakery Series, three young women are about to change their lives. Lizzie Anne and Samuel have decided to get married, and Lindsay is about to be baptized in the Amish faith and is courting Matthew. While Katie Kauffman is happy for her friends who seem to have settled their futures, she is also finding herself something of a fifth wheel. When Lindsay's sister Jessica returns to Bird-in-Hand, she finds that Jake Miller has moved on with his life. He lost hope that Jessica would ever be satisfied to settle in rural Pennsylvania and takes comfort in becoming close friends with Katie. However, it's not an easy road as Jake is Mennonite and Katie has just been baptized in the Amish faith. Her father forbids them to see each other, adamant that his daughter marry an Amish man. A Season of Love is filled with surprising twists that will grip you to the very last words. As the stories of your favorite Amish community draw to a close, join Lindsay, her friends, and all the people of Bird-In-Hand for one last volume.

My Thoughts:
This is one of my favorite book. I really enjoyed this series altogether and I will miss it. I love this one for it get you see three friends find what they were looking for. Lindsay finally get what she wants and she also gets her dreams with Matthew Glick. Katie though she get what see want in the end. She struggles mostly though it. Her friend Lizzie Annie get her wish as well. Though you will be surprise with who and how soon.

Mainly this story sit around Katie. Though it is also surrounded by Lindsay as well. You get to see two woman love struggles and blooms. Find out more about it and read the story of how it ends. Though I hope there some more novel that surrounds this family and I hope to find out if Lindsay and Katie get married and have children. I like to find out if Lizzie Annie has children as well.

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