January 29, 2015

Almost Perfect by Diane Daniels Manning + Giveaway

Book Title: Almost Perfect
Author: Diane Daniels Manning
Genres: Animals, Dogs, Autism, Young Adult, Fiction, ADHD, Contemporary
Publisher: Beltor
Published: January 29, 2014 (Paperback, 340 Pages)
Disclaimer: I received this book for book tour from +Laura Fabiani iRead Book Tours
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Dog Show Info: Since this book revolves around the Westminster Dog Show and this years show takes place Feb 16 & 17 and that when this book ends you may want to check out the website Westminster Kennel Club
Author Interview: Interview with Diane Daniels Manning
Description: Two unlikely friends, an old woman and a boy with special needs, take an aging champion to Westminster Dog Show, and heal their troubled families.
Seventy year-old Bess Rutledge has fantasized about winning the Westminster Dog Show all her life, but now she has decided she is too old to follow her dream. She meets Benny, an angry fourteen year-old with mild autism and ADHD, who has a dream of his own: to impress his self-absorbed mother. He becomes convinced that winning Westminster with McCreery, Bess’ aging champion standard poodle, will finally make his mother proud of him. Getting Bess to go along with his plan, however, is not going to be so easy.

Almost Perfect got to me. I just loved the story behind it. It's about a boy named Benny and an older woman named Bess. Benny is having trouble with emotions, especially when dealing with his mother. Benny wants a dog, but his mother is too busy with her life. We meet several different folks.
Benny meets Bess for the first time when he discovers her dogs. Benny meets Susie and McCreery, Bess's poodle. Benny wants McCreery for himself. Bess sees this fascination with McCreery. Benny runs off. Bess wants to win the Westminster Dog show and no one

There are some amazing twists and turns in this book. At one point, Benny finds out that McCreery is gone. And is determined to find McCreery. There are other characters I liked in this book. David and Dr. Kate meet through Benny. Benny meets a new girl as well.

Benny now has the possibility of choosing a puppy and calls him Breaker. Bess and Benny are now Co-Owners. Can Benny handle a puppy and deal with all the hard work it takes for a show dog? To find out you will need to read "Almost Perfect." There are surprises to this story.


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