February 18, 2015

A Secret Identity by Gayle Roper

Book Title: A Secret Identity
Author: Gayle Roper
Genres: Christian Fiction, Amish Fiction
Publisher: Harvest House Publishers
Published: September 1, 2010 (224 Pages, Paperback)
Disclaimer: I borrowed this book from the library
Description: Readers will be delighted as popular author Gayle Roper continues her contemporary Amish series (that began with A Stranger's Wish) with book two in The Amish Farm series, A Secret Identity. Cara Bentley is raised by her grandfather to appreciate family. When she discovers--quite by accident--that she was adopted, her whole perspective changes. If she wasn't a Bentley, who was she? If she isn't a Bentley, who is she? She determines to find her "real" family. Ending up in Lancaster, Pennsylvania, she takes a room at the Zook family farm. When she seeks the help of attorney Todd Reasoner, the search for the truth begins in earnest. But as mysterious accidents begin to happen, Cara suspects her attempt to find out the truth is not welcome--and neither is she. Readers will be turning pages to find the answers Cara seeks.

What mystery of a story of to find the herself. I remember correctly. She overhears that she is adopted. Then she goes on a quest to discover who she is. She runs into someone that will support her in her quest. Will there be a love between them. Cara is determine to find her real family.

The arrive a attorney to help her discover the truth. Things start to happen to her. There surprise though out the book if I recall. Will Cara find what she needs or will she be block all the way. She find out she not welcome as well in a town or is her seach for truth. What is everyone hiding from her or trying to keep the secret.

Will Cara find her identity she is seeking. How can she not think she a Bently but she must find herself and will she find out that she as a family that loves her. Even if she is adopted.

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