February 14, 2015

One Minute There + Giveaway by Max E. Stone

Book Title: One Minute There
Author: Max E. Stone
Genres: Mystery, Crime / Detective
Disclaimer: I received the book from the author for an honesty review.
Series: Warren-Bennett-Johnson (New England) Book #3
Published: March 20th 2015 (E-book)
Description: RUN...
Two torturous months came and went

Detective Bennett refuses to give up on finding his daughter

Even as the authorities of New England and beyond, trailing the blood in the girl's wake, devised a ruthless manhunt to bring her back

Well aware of the young woman's fragile state, Bennett is determined to locate her first

And terrified to learn that he and the officers aren't the only ones looking...


Tucked in a hideaway past America's borders, courtesy of her only trusted connect as of late, Melissa is sure she's safe.
That is until the hammering knocks at her door threaten her world, her sanity…

And her life.


This book is about a young woman. She does some strange things that makes her to do things that are not right. Her stepfather or father goes to look for his missing daughter.  Detective Bennett  will not give up on his daughter Melissa.

Melissa wants to protect her daughter Abby. Though for some reason Melissa has gone missing and after hearing her name called and knocking at the door. Her family is weary of what has happened to  her sister in law and brother. Though she calls a friend and tell him nothing and ask for help.

Melissa thinks she is safe after running. Something is wrong and no one can find her. She claim someone is after her and has to flee once again. What happens next is just another page turner. I would advise who reads this. This is best for those that need to be mature enough to read for it got some violence and some nastier words like the word (B**ch).


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