March 6, 2015

Aoleon The Martian Girl: Science Fiction Saga - Part 3 The Hollow Moon by Brent LeVasseur

Book Title: Aoleon The Martian Girl: Science Fiction Saga - Part 3 The Hollow Moon
Author: Brent LeVasseur
Genres: Sci-fiction, Fantasy, Children
Series: Aoléon The Martian Girl
Publisher: Aoléon Press
Published: 2/23/15 (E-book, 120 Pages)
Disclaimer: I received this book from +Laura Fabiani iRead Book Tours for a book Tour and for an honesty review
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Description: Spying on the Luminon, Aoléon and Gilbert uncover his plot to steal Earth’s milk cows and make the disturbing discovery that the Martian leader plans to disrupt Mars’s galact supply. The duo races to warn Aoléon’s father, Deimos, a manager at the galactworks, before the Luminon’s saboteur can act.

While still on the run, Aoléon takes her pilot’s exam so she can join the Martian intergalactic exploration fleet. However, during the test-run, something goes horribly wrong. The two are put in a life-threatening situation and only Bizwat, Aoléon’s Procyon commando friend, can save them.

Gilbert finally gets his chance to learn to skyboard, but the lesson turns into a test of skill as he and Aoléon are chased by the Royal Paladin Guard.

Will they survive?

I know children love action and adventures. Well this book sure has it. I truly know it got a space in it as well. It wonderful. Pictures are done well. They seem to capture you to look at them. Aoleon and Gilbert find themselves trapped when Aoleon is taking her pilot exam.

They start there adventure when they are spying on Luminon. Can they warn her father about Galact saboteur can do any damage. What happens next is just the beginning for their adventure and it live treating. They seem to find something in the moon above Mars. Gilbert leans to sky-board. There more trouble ahead. They seem to have been found or they were being tracked.

They get back to Aoleon home and find it ransacked by who know who. They find Uri who had hidden from them. These people who were there took her mother and father. She tell her sister to stay with her Grandma. Pax shows up and tell him that Aoleon an Gilbert will need to escape while they can and need to go somewhere where they can get the help. Will they escape? You will need to read to find out.

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