March 19, 2015

Pinterest Challenge: Pin your Author Interviews

You may have seen this challenge around a bit. It called "Pin your Reviews". Well in doing that challenge. I came up to with idea that why not do it for your Author Interviews. It a simple challenge you can do and anyone can do.
It quite a really nice way to get your Authors or followers to see the Interviews you did for them.

Steps to how you Pin your "Authors Interviews":
  1. Create a board on your Pinterest (Choose a name)
  2. Then go about your blog and find your Interviews you did
  3. Pin each one to the board you created
  4. You can make sure that they are linked to your Interview post
  5. Finally you are done

You got a board where you can show off your Author Interviews.
Here is an example: Pin your Author Interviews

I challenge you to Pin your Author Interviews. I would love to find out how you did. You can let me know by reporting back and letting me know. I can come and check out your board.

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