November 10, 2016


Sizes: Tablet, Capsule
Flavors: Chicken, PeanutButter, Hickory Smoke
Variety: Original Pill Pockets® Treats, Allergy Formula Pill Pockets® TreatsBrand Information: GREENIES®
Category: Dog Food, Pet Supplies, Dog treats, Medication,
Disclaimer: I received a compliant product to try for free from PinchMe and Greenies for an honest review. Thre is an affiliate link in this post that will help me. It was through Amazon.
Product Info: Some from Amazon, Walmart, Pinch me and Greenie website.

Key Benefits:


Turn Pill Time Into Treat Time®

This healthy and delicious treat masks the taste and smell of medicine, making pill-giving a reliable, stress-free experience.

A Healthier Alternative

These all-natural treats are a healthier alternative to hiding medications inside human foods.

Designed by Vets

These treats were designed and are recommended by vets to help you follow your own veterinarian's recommendations and pill-giving regimens.

Three Delicious Flavors

It’s easy giving medicine when you have three tasty flavors to hide it in. Pick your dog’s favorite: chicken, real peanut butter or hickory smoke.

Two Convenient Sizes

These treats come in a larger size that fits most capsules and a smaller size that fits most tablets. Choose the one that fits your dog's pills.

Greenies are good for dogs. Are you looking for you looking for pill hider for your puppy or dog? You want to have them taste like treats. Well, Greenies Pill Pockets are great for this. They have a few flavors to choose from.

Greenies did a good job in this fact that they seem too tasty. Icicle did enjoy them like and wanted more. She would eat them without pills in them. We have not needed to give her any but if we ever do we now know what to get her.

I like the fact that they are natural and there not much artificial thing in them. The price them seem reasonable as well. They are healthy alternation from human food. I love them that they do look tasty. They are simple and that matter for me and our dog. The price also matters as well and they seem decent with the price.

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