November 21, 2016

The Berenstain Bears Love One Another

Book Title: Love One Another
Author: Mike Berenstain
Genres: Children, Family, Fiction
Series: The Berenstain Bears, Living Lights,
Publisher: Worthykids/Ideals
Publish Date: 2016-10-04 (20 Pages, Board Book)
Disclaimer: I received this book free from +WorthyPublishing for and honest review and for +Leeannan.
Description: Stan and Jan Berenstain launched the Berenstain Bears books in 1962 with The Big Honey Hunt. Since that time, more than 400 Berenstain Bears books have been published, making it one of the best-selling children’s series ever. Today, Mike Berenstain continues his parents’ tradition. In The Berenstain Bears Love One Another, the cubs are helping Mama make berry muffins for a neighbor. When the cubs ask why they can’t have the muffins, Mama reminds them that when we love one another, we find ways to help each other. The short, simple story and well-loved characters provide toddlers with a perfect introduction to the concept of showing love and kindness.
In “The Berenstain Bears Love One Another” the plot is good. This book teaches you how to love one another. Mike get it done nicely. It the picture tell the story. The concept is to show love and help out and show the love to your family and others in your neighborhood.

Bother and Sister are taught what Love One another means by Mama bear. They Brother and Sister Bear bother show it though performs it throughout the book. Find out what they do and how they help by reading the book.

It great for children and young readers. Parents can use this book as a teaching tool if they choose. It great for young children as and good book to learn how to read.

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