December 14, 2016

Product Review: Zicam® Cold Remedy Nasal Swabs

Product Name: Zicam® Cold Remedy Nasal Swabs
Brand: Zicam®
Description: With cold season rearing its head, now couldn’t be a better time to apply for a sample of Zicam® Cold Remedy Nasal Swabs. This zinc-free, homeopathic medicine not only shortens the length of your cold when you take it at the very first sign but also reduces the severity* of cold symptoms. * Reduces symptom severity by 45% by the midpoint of the cold when take at symptom onset. Apply today for your chance to sample!

Declaimer: I received comply sample from Zicam and +Crowdtap. I get nothing in return for my honest review.

Zicam® Cold Remedy Nasal Swabs are good to have on hand if you get the common cold. It will help shorten your cold. It cannot prevent it. I enjoy having them and using them. They are the best cause I used them and other products from Zicam.

I enjoy Zicam and their products for they do what they say. They are reliable. There no going back or any other cold remedy that best this brand. I have recommended this product to families with kids and I have also done that with friends and family. It easy to use and simple.

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