May 20, 2017

Book Tour: Case File Phantom

Book Title: Case File Phantom
Author: Dana Ford
Genres: Mystery, Mystery Fiction
Series: C. McCauley Case Files Book 1
Publisher: Xlibris
Publish Date: 2017-01-10 (122 Pages, e-book)
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Disclaimer: I got a free copy of this book from +Silver Dagger Scriptorum for an honest review.
Description: Georgia Richards lost hope of ever seeing her husband again since he disappeared over a year ago. On a Saturday afternoon, she thought she saw him at a play, on stage at the Oaksdale Playhouse. But Georgia didn't have the courage to find out if it was really him. Constance McCauley was empathetic to Georgia's faint of heart and decided to offer her investigation services to find the true identity of this mysterious man. Would Constance be able to track down Georgia's estranged husband? If he was found, why had he been missing for over a year? As Constance pursued this case with a combination of faith and persistence, she witnessed the power of forgiveness unfold before her eyes.
The author did a good job with the plot. It more about PI then the woman we first meet at the theater. It, her missing husband that has more mysteries. Constance McCauley finds some connections between Alex and his foster parents and also his parents.

The title has a good title for that it fits it perfectly. What making Alex run? What really happened to make him run. Can Constance McCauley and her assistant Tony get the answers to this case? There are some surprises though some of the book.

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About the Author
Dana Ford has enjoyed writing stories since she can remember.  She has penned several books and has found a new love in writing mystery fiction.  Her favorite hobbies besides writing is watching old movies, volunteering in her community, and spending precious moments with her family.

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