May 19, 2017

Product Review: International Delight® One Touch Latte™ creamer

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Choose one of our 3 delicious flavors and start frothing. Or, combine all 3 of them at the same time for maximum party experience. Your mug, your rules!

Vanilla: Who wants a latte that tastes like latte when you can have a latte that tastes like something way better than a latte? That’s right, no one. So get ready to sip on some sweet delicious Vanilla for maximum delight.

Caramel: Caramel is delicious. That’s why kids love caramels. But you are not a kid anymore. So instead of loving Caramels, how about Caramel flavored lattes? The perfect combination between delicious and mature, a true treat for the responsible adult you have blossomed into.

Mocha: Lattes are great. Chocolate is great. What happens when you combine both of them? You get greatness x 2. Or, for the less versed in the dark arts of mathematics, something incredibly super-duper delicious. You are welcome.

Flavors: 3 (Vanilla, Mocha, Caramel)
Disclaimer: I received a free sample with a coupon that I got from 
Get a coupon: Click to get Coupon
Where to Buy: (Walmart) / Vanilla (Walmart) / Mocha (Walmart) / Caramel (Walmart)
More information: One Touch Latte

How to do it and how simple it is done.
  • Makes 7 Lattes
  • Leave room for froth, fill cup 2/3 with coffee.
  • Shake it! Press and hold 5 to 7 seconds.
  • Enjoy! Keep Refrigerated

It was easy to use. Simple to do and only takes a few seconds to add to your coffee. It got a good taste and it a really good product for those on Weight Watchers. It uses on Point if you are using the point system. It tastes really good. I Would suggest this for anyone that want a latte at home and you do not have to pay much. It only cost $4.00 for one of them. They come in 3 flavors to choose from. 

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