July 25, 2018

Review: Sharks: A 400 Million Year Journey

Book Title: Sharks: A 400 Million Year Journey
Author: Ted Rechlin
Genres: Nature, Sharks, Animals, Graphic Novel, Science, Action, History
Publisher: Rextooth Studios
Publish Date: 2018-01-02
Disclaimer: I received this book from a publisher of the author for an honesty review. My opinions on the book are my own.
Description: Action! Science! Amazing Art! Epic Showdowns! Experience the history of planet earth as seen through the eyes of the coolest sharks of past and present in this thrilling graphic novel adventure!

From the mind of Ted Rechlin, author and illustrator of Jurassic and Dinosaurs Live!comes the thrilling new epoch-spanning adventure Sharks, a life-science graphic novel adventure. Sharks have been cruising our planet's waters for millions of years. They were here long before humanity and even pre-date the dinosaurs. Rechlin weaves a captivating history of strange and ancient shark species while sharing insights into the distant past of life on Earth. The amazing and action-packed art teaches readers of all ages how these legendary ocean dwellers got their start - and how they developed into the sharks we know today. Educational, fascinating, and beautifully produced, this is the perfect book for budding marine biologists, comic fans, and enthusiasts of these ancient apex predators of the deep.

Sharks: A 400 Million Year Journey, is a fascinating book. Ted does wonderfully with the illustrations. I enjoy the pictures. This teaches about us about sharks and the history of them and the planet. This is an educational book and good to have on your children bookshelves.

This is wonderful graphic novel for children. It got a little bit gore in it but it mild. It shows the behavior of sharks. I like the fact that the book teaches about past sharks and present sharks. It also shows how sharks survived over the past 400 million years.

There are facts about sharks throughout the book. We also learn some new names for some sharks. Some are hard to pronounce the name of them. We get to see the adaptations and different kinds and shapes of sharks throughout the years.

The graphics are done well. It good for those that like graphic novels. Young children and little boys are will enjoy this book. If you are in to the history or sharks or like sharks alone. Boys and girls will enjoy learning about sharks along with their parents with this book. It will keep them entertained for sure.

Author and illustrator Ted Rechlin has been drawing pictures and telling stories since he was three years old. While his drawings have gotten much better, his stories haven't really changed much. They're still about superheroes, bears, wolves, sharks, monsters, and lots of dinosaurs. Ted feels very fortunate to live a life where he now gets paid to draw his pictures and tell his stories. He has contributed his work to many museums, zoos, and publishing companies like DC Comics and Dover Publications. With four of his own educational children's books under his belt, Ted is excited about his newest release distributed by Farcountry Press, the epic earth history of Sharks.
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