September 7, 2019

Book Review: Gertrude an Toby Meet the Wolf

Book Title: Gertrude an Toby Meet the Wolf
Author: Shari Tharp
Genres: Fairy Tale, Adventures, Children
Series: Gertrude and Toby Fairy-Tale Adventure #3
Publisher: Atlas Publishing & Distributing Co Ltd
Publisher Date: December 15, 2016 (40 Pages, Paperback)
Gertrude the goat and Toby the tortoise are going fishing at Trout Lake for their Friday adventure. While at the lake, they see a little boy being dragged off by a hungry wolf! They follow the wolf and rescue the little boy, but the wolf doesn't give up. He goes after them, determined to get his lunch back!
Disclaimer: I received this book though LibraryThing Early Readers Program for an honest review.
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This story is sweet. I reminds me of the story “The Boy who Cried Wolf” when Gertrude and Toby see a little boy. The boy say he see a wolf. If you know that fairy tale story. The moral of the story you think this story is going be somewhat like that.

It also features another story or fairy Tale which is called “The Three Little Pigs”. The author does wonderful with mixing it a bit with the two starting with “The boy who Cried Wolf” scenes and then somewhat changed it to add the “The Three Little Pigs” scenes. The ending is done cute as well.

My favorite is the artwork that is done. The pictures are drawn well. I really like that. They look like some took the time to draw the scene and the the wording was put together after. Who will win their fishing contest?

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