September 10, 2019

Book Review: Max and Dax Meet

Book Title: Max and Dax Meet
Author: Marissa Shortt
Publisher: Rocket Science Productions, LLC
Publisher Date: 2014 (34 Pages, Paperback)
Genres: Children
Max is a special kid and is about to meet a new family member who could be his best friend! His Aunt Risa is getting a new puppy and Max is a little nervous about meeting her for the first time. But with a little patience, understanding, and some licking, he discovers that what is scary at first can end up being wonderful later. Max and Dax Meet is the beginning of a journey for two friends and their adventures to come.
Disclaimer: I won a copy in a giveaway by the author and my review is my honest opinion.
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If you or someone in your family meets someone new it can be a bit scary at first. Well this book called “Max and Dax Meet” is similar to that. For Max is nervous to meet his Aunt new member of the family. If you introduce the person or animals to the person or animal and see how things go.

Things may just turn out well for them and the animal or people being introduced. Who to say. In this book See what happen when Max meets Dax? Will they get along? Dax seem like he want to get to know Max but will it work out?

The pictures are done well. I really like that. The story is understandable. It easy to read. The pictures kind of tell the story and pleasant to look at. Good for young readers and children. It even got some lesson in the book about children and animals.

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