October 16, 2019

Book Review: The Magic Sapphire by Alba Arango

Book Title: The Magic Sapphire
Author: Alba Arango
Series: The Decoders #1
Publisher: Sapphire Books
Publisher Date: July 19, 2018 (150 Pages, Paperback)
Genres: Children, Fiction, Mystery, Young adult
Steve, Matt, and Jenny always dreamed of becoming detectives. One day, their dreams become reality when they discover an ancient treasure map written by a pirate named Elias Darby over three hundred years ago. According to legend, the dying pirate hid a magical stone with mysterious powers somewhere in the Northern California hills, with only a poem titled El Alma de Dios as the key to locating it.

As the trio begins their search for the treasure, they unknowingly attract the attention of an international jewel thief named Frank Alexander. When the investigation leads the three friends to a string of hidden caves filled with booby-traps, they are confronted by the jewel thief and his diabolical plan to force the kids to find the stone and give it to him. Given no choice, the detectives must brave the dangerous traps to find the hidden treasure and develop a plan to outsmart the jewel thief.
Disclaimer: I received a free copy from Author Den for an honest review. My options are my own.
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Looking for a good mystery for young adults? I think I found it. This book or series is good for young readers or teens. It focuses on three friends. They seem to work together well. Their names are Matt, Jenny and Steve.

These three friends end up going on adventures together. They go on these adventure but ask for help when they need it. I really like the fact they they need to use their minds and teamwork to solve the clues. The way the author does this is well done.

Children will enjoy this book as it shows puzzle solving and teamwork throughout the book. The author also makes it fun and easy to read. It enjoyable for you to read. There a jewel thief and and men, He seem to want the the item the Steve bought but why?

There are some twist and turns throughout the book. Parents is really good for children learn about team work. It also teaches them to use their minds to solve the puzzles. Will Steve, Jenny and Matt find the hidden treasure? Will they solve the mystery?

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