October 29, 2019

Book Review: The Statue of Anubis by Alba Arango

Book Title: The Statue of Anubis
Author: Alba Arango
Series: The Decoders #5
Publisher: Sapphire Books
Publisher Date: December 9, 2018 (175 Pages, Paperback)
Genres: Children, Fiction, Mystery, Young adult
When Steve, Matt, and Jenny learn about a long-lost Egyptian statue hidden somewhere near the city of Beachdale, they jump at the chance of solving another mystery. But as their investigation deepens, they discover a couple of very disturbing details: first, the statue is supposedly haunted; and second, two rather large gun-toting foreigners are also interested in the treasure.

Determined to find the statue, the trio delves deeper into the mystery, encountering a web of danger unlike anything they have ever seen. The detectives brave catacombs, underwater caverns, and booby-trapped tunnels, until finally, they begin to unravel the secrets behind the haunted statue. As the foreigners close in on them, the three friends must use all their wits to out-smart their enemies and retrieve the treasure.
Disclaimer: I received a free copy from Author Den for an honest review. My options are my own.
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The three children find out is that they are to find a missing statue. They seem to be into this mystery apart. They believe that is haunted. But once they start on their mystery and finding the clues. They seem to be met with two thugs.

Who are these to thugs and what do they want. Somehow they are convinced to find the statue for them. Who do they work for? You will be surprised as to who they work for. The mystery letter that Steve gets at the end. You will not believe who they so happen to free.

The author does wonderfully with them having to travel their neighborhood, and solve the mysteries. What they are doing and enjoy getting out and about. Their parents do not know what they do with their time.

If you are looking for books or a series for your children to read. Well, this series is good for them as they enjoy adventure and enjoy solving mysteries. This time they adventure to an island beach and though some more caves along with being underground.

Will Steve, Matt, and Jenny be able to solve the mystery of the missing statue of the Egyptian god. We seem to learn a few new words and their Spanish translations. We also learn about monks a bit as well. What way to entertain and enjoy the story and learn at the same time.

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