February 12, 2020

Book Review: The Way of The Brave by Susan May Warren

Book Title: The Way of The Brave
Author: Susan May Warren
Genre: Romance, Adult, Search and Rescue, Action, Adventure, 
Contemporary, Christian Fiction, Military, Suspense, 
Series:  Global Search and Rescue #1
Publisher: Fleming H. Revell Company
Publisher Date: January 7, 2020 (352 Pages, Paperback)
Former pararescue jumper Orion Starr is haunted by the memory of a rescue gone wrong. He may be living alone in Alaska now, but the pain of his failure--and his injuries--has followed him there from Afghanistan. He has no desire to join Hamilton Jones's elite rescue team, but he also can't shirk his duty when the call comes in to rescue three lost climbers on Denali.

Former CIA profiler and psychiatrist Jenny Calhoun's yearly extreme challenge with her best friends is her only escape from the guilt that has sunk its claws into her. As a consultant during a top-secret mission to root out the Taliban, she green-lighted an operation that ended in ambush and lives lost. When her cathartic climb on Denali turns deadly, she'll be forced to trust her life and the lives of her friends to the most dangerous of heroes--the man she nearly killed.

Her skills and his experience are exactly what's needed to prevent another tragedy--but in order to truly set Orion free from his painful past, Jenny will have to reveal hers. They'll have to put their wounds behind them to survive, but at what cost?

Leap into action with this high-octane, breakneck new series from bestselling author Susan May Warren.
Discliamer: I received this book free and from Revell Reads for an honest review. My opinions and thoughts are my own.
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What an adventure to go on. Susan does it wonderfully with this new book in her new series. The storyline is mostly about two of the six characters. But you get more of an adventure with them all. What is Ham's real reason for coming to Alaska? We see that Orion is the main one along with Jenny.

They all seem to have worked together. Orion seems stuck with his past and why? He got friends and Ham and Jake seem content to help him. Ham seems to know that God as a plan for Orion still. Will Orion realize that. Jenny seems to have a secret that she is holding on to. She decides to take it to the highest mountain in America.

Susan put readers though emotional and breathtaking adventures. There is non stop action from the moment we open the book after starting. What a climb and adventure we go on. Jake and Aria seem to find a connection. Is it real? Will Orion let go of this past to be with Jenny? Will Jenny let go and allow romance to take hold?

Will they be stuck on the mountain or will they survive? The mountain seems to be calling Orion and Han and Jake, Will they save the woman and get them all the mountain?

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