February 29, 2020

Monthly Wrap Up: February 2020


Febuary came like it was storming on though. It was really a strange one at that. More like spring weather then winter weather. We did get some snow but not much of it anyway. This being the shortest month of the year and adding one more day is still the shortest day. Even if it is leap hear. By the way though that have birthdays on leap year day (2/29)... Happy Belated Birthday. Enjoy the day as it only comes ever so often.

Not much of that many Romance story been read during Febuary but I had to reads some children books.

I spent most of my month relaxing and getting some reading done. Not a lot but a few. A total of 5 books read this month. I think that a good for this month.

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Books Read in February:
  1. The Way of The Brave by Susan May Warren 
  2. The Lady Ghost by Alba Anrango
  3. What So Wonderful about Webster? by Stephen and Alex Kendrick
  4. The Berenstain Bears' Nature Rescue by Stan, Jan and Mike Berenstain (Releases on 3/1/20)
  5.  Two Steps Forward by Suzanne Woods Fisher
My books really fell in 3 different genres for this month. They are in 2 different media categories I believe as well. They will be shown below.

Books by Genre:
  1. Children - 3 Books
  2. Romance - 1 Book
  3. Christian Fiction - 1 Book
Books by Media Categories:
  1. Paperback - 4 Books
  2. Hard Cover - 1 Books
I have read a total of 964 Pages, for the month of February. I finally am back to reading around what I think I can for a month.  The total for 2020 is 1,968 Pages and 00 Hours of Listening.

Books by Pages Total:
  1. The Way of the Brave - 352 Pages
  2. The Lady Ghost - 164 Pages
  3. What So Wonderful about Webster? - 32 Pages
  4. The Berenstain Bears' Nature Rescue - 96 Pages
  5. Two Steps Forward - 320 Pages
Total Pages by Month:
  1. January - 1,004 Pages
  2. February -  964 Pages

Total books by Month:

  1. January - 6 Books
  2. February - 5 Books
Favorite Book of the Month:
My Review for Two Steps Forward
Sylvie needs a man of substance to help her run her business.
What she gets is Jimmy Fisher.

Back and broke in Stoney Ridge, Jimmy Fisher has coasted through life as long as he could on charm, good looks, and deep-set dimples. They always worked just fine for him--until they didn't. His smile has no effect on the violet-eyed beauty he met at the Bent N' Dent, the one with that stunning horse. She's offered him a job, but nothing else.

The last thing Sylvie Schrock King needs around Rising Star Farm is a grown boy working for her, especially her neighbor Edith's son. The woman holds a serious grudge against Sylvie, and hiring Jimmy Fisher will only fan the flames of Edith's rancor. But Sylvie is desperate for help on the farm, and Jimmy understands horses like no one else.

While Jimmy's lazy smile and teasing ways steal Sylvie's heart, Edith is working on a way to claim her land. Has Sylvie made another terrible mistake?
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Book Haul of the Month:

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 Here is everything that been posted for the year. Some things have been will be posted later then when I read the book or reviewed it. Most cases this is when a book is on tour with me. The Book review may be posted later or a month or so done the line. I will gladly mark these when I read the book so you know.

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