November 3, 2020

Book Review: What You Said to Me

Book Title: What You Said to Me
Author: Olivia Newport
Publisher: Shiloh Run Press
Publisher Date: November 1, 2019 (256 Pages, E-book)
Genres: Family, Genealogy, Christian, History, Historical Fiction
Series: Tree of Life #4
A Father-Daughter Genealogy Team Link Present to Past on Family Trees

When 15-year-old Tisha Crowder gets caught shoplifting, attorney Nolan Duffy tries to protect her from consequences that could rattle her already troubled life. His daughter, Jillian, feels like she’s the one being punished instead—by having Tisha assigned to work with her on a backlog of genealogy files. Tisha doesn’t seem interested in taking the job seriously, and Jillian’s patience wears thin. Besides, everyone in Canyon Mines knows the Crowder family has experienced generations of brokenness. Then a sliver of hope turns up in long-ago words in plain sight, challenging shrouded assumptions about Tisha’s family. Now Jillian is the one who can walk with Tisha back to 1893 and uncover where everything went wrong in the first place—and save her from the past.

What You Said to Me is the fourth book in the Tree of Life series by Olivia Newport. You’ll want to return to the lovely Colorado mountain town of Canyon Mines again and again to explore and celebrate unforgettable family stories that will inspire you to connect with your own family histories and unique faith journeys.

Declaimer: I received a complimentary copy of this book from Barbour Publishing and was under no obligation to post a review. It an honest review.
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What you Said to me is a little dry in finding out about the families. This one is good. Though I do not know if the story is more about the girl that looking for her family or just helping in find out about herself.

This story is mostly about the girl that might just need the help to find out what happens in the past to find out why the broken things happen. Where is all went wrong? Will Jillian be able to help her find herself and understand where her mother and her family when wrong in the first place.

This book may have you looking for your family history. We do get past the story point of view as well as the present. Will it be sliver help to find out whatever happened to the Bangt woman and why it ended or how Trisha Crower family got to Canyon Mines?

Why did some leave and only one stay in Canyon Mines? To find out that you will need to read this book. Olivia does a wonderful job of weaving history and family together. Another thing she does is bring the family stories to life. Whatever happens with St. Louis Projects that she working on. Will be that this might not be the last book in the series.

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