December 4, 2021

Book Review: Digger Does It All (Not Really!)

Book Title:
Digger Does It All (Not Really!)
Author: Brooke Vitale
Publisher: Little Genius Books
Publisher Date: October 19, 2021 (24 Pages, Board Books)
Genres: Children, Cooperation, Teamwork, Construction, Cars, Trucks, Vehicles
ISBN: 9781953344243
From bestselling author and editor Brooke Vitale and renowned illustrator Pat Corrigan (Toe Truck Joe), this the story of a boastful construction vehicle who thinks he can do it all.

“Here I am. Make way, make way!
Digger’s here to save the day!

“No job’s too big, no job’s too small,
for the best construction truck of all.”

Children of all ages will love the story of Digger, the construction vehicle who thinks he can lift like a crane, carry like a forklift, dump like a dump truck, and push like a bulldozer. But, when he tries to do everyone else’s jobs, he creates a crazy chaotic construction site! The simple rhyming text tells a silly story, while gently introducing the concept of cooperation, as well as the message that the best way to show up in the world is as yourself!
Declaimer: I received a complimentary copy of this book from the Little Genius Books and was under no obligation to write a positive or negative review of this book. It my honest review.
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Digger Does it all (Not Really) is an excellent book to teach children about cooperation and teamwork. This book focuses on Digger. Will he do it all? Digger learns that he can't do everything at the construction site, but he has his talents.

Will he learn that it is okay for others to do what is best for them? He does not need to boast about doing everything himself but be himself. Will his friends at the construction site show him or let him know that he should do what he is talented at. They can work together.

Children will love reading this book. They will also enjoy looking at the pictures. The age is three years old and higher, but I feel it could be two years and up. I have a cousin that will love this book, and he will be turning two soon.

I love how the binding and book are on thick boards; You turn the pages, and it is decent. The plot of the story is excellent for all children. They will learn what will happen if someone is boastful and tries to do everything. They will know it best to be themselves. The parent can teach their children if they so choose.
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