September 17, 2014

Bloggiesta 2014 To Do It

This week is Bloggiesta and  there is a few things I need to do to update my blog. I hope to get my blog updated with a few things and other things. I would love to get a few people to talk and chat and all. I love to have bloggers and people coming back to check out my blog and site.

Here is my list in no specfic order:
  • Update my blog reviews with links where you can buy the books
  • update my astore with all the books needed.
  • Put in reviews for some books (AShining Light, other reviews)
  • Write my product review for my Nook,
  • Download Audiobooks and try it out on my mp3 player, write a review on that product
  • Comment on other blogs and follow them.
  • Write next chapter of my series.


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